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Ever since I was a young boy I looked up into the night sky with wonder in my eyes and heart. It was as if something was pulling me tugging at me to …I know this may sound strange but it was like something calling me home. Ever have that feeling? The pull from the stars maybe Mars itself?

This page is going to be dedicated totally to the Mars / Martian Experience.

 This footage was taken in 1939 and people think we still haven’t made it to Mars? Now that’s funny! Of course we’re there. 🙂

Here you will be able to find everything you will need over time to prove with out a doubt that mars was once a thriving civilization and actually show you as well that there is life there today. I will do my best to share with you not only as much evidence as I can but will tell you my story as time goes on as well. So I hope you enjoy and learn because the truth has been hidden from man for way to long now…   🙂

It is a well known fact know that we have been going to Mars since 1962 to 64 at least using technology that has been reversed engineered and but to use with in what we call the Break Away  Civilization. I have talked to several other individuals who have also been in the programs and they to admit as well that we are already on mars and the reason for this is the demise of our own planet earth life supporting systems which everyone who has any type of education can see happening right now. Not even our president or anyone within the white house actually knows of inner workings of those who have been controlling things from behind closed doors and more.The big names everyone thinks is in charge of things are only the puppets of those who are really running things behind the scenes and they are doing it as well with the help of those we would call extraterrestrials.

Every single one of our ansistors ancient legend and recorded histories has confirmed this for thousands of years with no acceptions at all. Those we once looked at as our gods were in all actuality those who came from outside our solar system originally. They were those who terraformed our world from its very beginning. And who in all actuality are still here among us right now today.

Workers from NASA has also confirmed this as well. The technologies that are being used by these others are so far advanced that all of the problems of the world could be fix within a very short period of time if they were released out to the public.

The facts are the disinformation going on about this subject is eminence and what some call full disclosure from the U.S government will never truly happen. If anything comes out from them it will be tainted with their normal lies and deceptions. But as far as I am concerned disclosure has already happened by the the extraterrestrials themselves already through the abduction phenomena and simply by showing themselves as they fly over many of the cities and military bases across the planet. They want us to know what is going on and for many years they have been in contact with us in many ways.  

Our government is now slowly releasing some of these technologies to private government assets they feel are dedicated to the secrecy of their programs. 

We already know for a fact that stealth technology exists and well as cloaking technology as well. And as for Cloning and Hybridization programs they are as real as the nose on your face. But these things are at the higher levels of the control ladder all the way around. 

My personal experiences with these beings has been all my life and as they say once you are a part of their programs you are in for life with no acceptations. 

The hybridization programs have been ongoing since the beginning of mankind and will never be stopped. Many Hybrids as we call them are walking around among us right now all across the planet and in every country. They are literally here to replace us in the future. They are not here to kill us off as some might think they are here to insure we make it past what is heading our way like a freight train. Its ok to understand the facts and accept that even our children could be the next hybrid civilization to take our place. I see this as a good thing all the way around. They have created us for a reason and we have evolved into what we are today from what they created long ago. 

So facts are my friends we ourselves are all hybrids and this is something we are just going to have to accept and move on to bigger and better things as a species. 

If there is no life on Mars then why is our rovers and other space fairing craft taking footage and pictures of everything from structures to plants life and more on Mars itself as in the pictures presented here? Its simply because they don’t want you to know humanities real history period. The history we have been taught in history class in school is nothing more than directed educational duming down of the masses. Nothing more. Our true history is we are not what we have been taught we are. according to ancient we are 80% Alien Genetic and 20% human genetics.

How could all of our ancient ansistors know so much about our entire solar system and other star systems with out being taught about them from those who  have been there and have the detailed information ad knowledge of such things. Science still can’t explain this simple facts. Facts are there is only one way to explain it and that is we were taught about it from those who came here and created us.

The above picture is of one of our very own bases on Mars. Underground there is a network of tunnels and structures that have been created by the secret space program. And from what I hear right now this base is still in use and more underground tunneling is still happening to this very day. It has been proven with out a doubt that there are abundant resources on Mars  such as water, and many other life forms there for us to use. I know for a fact that these resources have been being used the since 1967 for sure.

The wind on Mars is not going to clean the rover this clean. Some one cleaned it there! 

Notice here that not only do we have a structure here but we have in front of that structure and area that at one time was dug out with obviously some type of grading or earth moving equipment. It’s clearly visible. Over time rocks and other debris ended up in the area due to who knows rock slid, tectonics or what ever. 

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