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These are the Personal Testimonies of those who have contacted us and let us know how much they have liked our Products and Product Lines. We hope you will enjoy what they have to say about us and our products.

Special Note: At the bottom of this page we have shown some of the things our customers are using this wonderful Emergency First Aid Antiseptic on and also we show you the final results after use as well. so of these pictures are graphic injuries so beaware of this before checking things out.  

DSC03463 Hi my name is Dean Langlands I am a father and own my own successful business called Defensible Space & Brush Removal I have been using WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Antiseptic for over 16 years now! And my crews us it as well. It has worked on everything from Cuts, Scratches, Skin Rashes, Poison Oak, Minor Burns and More! Also once it dries I have found there is an herbal bandage type coating over the affected area as well. I highly recommend this product to anyone who works or plays outdoors! Also I have found that it seems to have a Long Shelf Life which is a plus!

DSC03463 Hi my name is Crystal P. and I am 22 years old and a mother and I have used WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Antiseptic all of my life and I will continue to All My Life and I plan to do so as long as I can get it! I seriously recommend it to everyone! I am a very active person always getting cuts and scrapes Hiking, Hunting, working with my dogs and horse and just having fun. Every time I get a wound of some type I know that this antiseptic is going to disinfect it and quicken the healing process just like it always has! I don’t catch Poison Oak but many of my friends do and they have used it successfully when needed as well. So if you want something that works then you have to get this because it works and it works right now! Plus it’s 100% Natural as well! So if you want something that works then you have to get this because it works and it works right now! Plus it’s 100% Natural as well!

DSC03463 My name is Joe I’m 28 years old and a father of two. I have used this spray now for a number of years. I am always working in the woods and I get injuries sometimes whether it be a cut from a branch sticking out or a rash from bug bites or even poison oak. I use the spray on the area that’s affected and it helps clean and disinfect the area and it even feels like it numbs the pain a little bit. When it comes to poison oak though I haven’t caught it since I started using this spray. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

DSC03463 Hi my name is Susan P. I’m 61 years old a mother and Grandmother old and have been using this amazing Antiseptic for over 30 years now with excellent results! Yes I have used many things before but this is 100% Natural and it works! I have used it on everything from cuts, skin irritations to burns including sun burns and it works great. I have also used it on everything from my grandkids to my animals which are many. I truly recommend the WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Antiseptic to anyone and everyone who wants something 100 % Natural that Works!

DSC03463 Hi! My name is Bobby A. and I am 30 years old and  have two kids. I have used the WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Spray when I had a skin rash of some type could have been poison oak since our woods are full of it in our area. Half of my stomach area was totally covered with this welt/rash and as soon as WhiteCrow seen it he quickly sprayed some of his antiseptic on it and within ten minutes the rash was starting to go away and after around two hours maybe less the rash was completely gone. And this was a raised skin irritation at that. It was amazing how well this 100% Natural First Aid Antiseptic worked. As for recommending it to others… I would say everyone needs to have this product. I have seen it work and it works fast!

 DSC03463 Hi my name is Justice L. and I am 15 years old and have been using WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Antiseptic all of my life. And it works great! Every time I got a cut, scratch or burn of some type my mom would put this antiseptic on me and not only did it work but it seemed to cool the area affected as well. Now I have my own bottle and use it when ever I need to. Would I recommend this…Yes I would 100%!

DSC03463 Hi my name is Juliana S. I am 35 and I have been in pain for the last 21 years and suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. My nerves, vertebrae, muscles, bones and organs are affected and I am in chronic pain and am disabled permanently. This product has changed my life. I have tried other Creams, Sprays, Mentholated Products, Heat, ice and a whole slew of other medications. I have even used several different cannabis medical salves and not one has come close to the relief I get from WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Antiseptic! It’s amazing…It acts like a bandage that heals due to the herbal seal. And best of all, it is ALL natural. Only herbs are used. I would recommend this product to anyone!  It helps in flare-ups of conditions, athletes and others who exercise regularly and need some muscle relief, people with “bad knees” or similar identified problem areas of the body. It is even safe to use on animals such as dog’s hot spots. It cleared up scratches on my ear within days. I am so grateful to the creators of this antiseptic. It has helped me where others have failed.

Special Note Here: The above statement shows you that our customers are telling us that this fine blend of herbs is actually doing more than it was ever designed to do! And that’s a Big Plus any way you look at it! W. WhiteCrow 🙂

DSC03463 My name is Ed S. I have known William WhiteCrow for 12 years. He and any products associated with him are of the highest quality and performance. The disinfectant spray he is marketing I have used myself for over 3 years. It exceeds alcohol and hydrogen peroxide combined healing time and measured 10-fold. I have 25 years experience in the healthcare and Spirituality field and this product may be the best of its kind.

DSC03463 My name is Cody B. I’m 23 yea old and I have been using WhiteCrow’s 100% Natural Emergency First Aid Antiseptic since I was 15… I used it on cuts and scrapes and they never got infected and they seemed to heal faster as well. I did a lot of work in the woods living on a ranch as well as working for the California Conservation Core. So I did a lot of work in poison oak and this Antiseptic surprisingly took care of it and quick! And since I have been using it I haven’t caught poison oak since! I also learned that the mosquitoes hate it! Haven’t had a problem with them since.

Special Note Here..  again a customer tells me about something I didn’t know it did… Mosquitoes!) In their own words!

Injuries this Antiseptic has been used on! Before and After Shots…

Crystals finger was crushed between to logs while she was working in the logging industry. Here’s the photos of her fingers and her healing process. She was stitched back together and she started using the spray two days later she said. Its only been two weeks and she is totally healed.

Click On Picture To Enlarge It…

img_0936 img_0940img_0947img_0953

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