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Global Virus Movement into the U.S. !

What’s Happening Right Now? Well facts are facts and the illnesses and viral problems I have talked about for over the last 20 years has finally come into being. We …

Emergency Communications

Do You Have Emergency Communications When You Really Need It?   When Disaster strikes Communications is the number one thing you will want to have. This and a good radio to …

The Poorman’s Guide To Emergency Preparedness Introduction

This is a picture of me back in the day in the out back of Yosemite! And yes I was teaching survival and Preparedness way back then… 🙂 William WhiteCrow …

My Bag For my Truck Or Other Vehicle… :)

  This is not my min Bug Out Bag it is my mini bag I keep in what ever vehicle I am using at the time. 🙂 My Mini Bug …

Your Bug Out Plans

Here WhiteCrow tells it like it is when it comes to your Bug Out Plans. Listen and Learn! Enjoy! 🙂

Prepping For The Disabled

When it comes to Prepping and Emergency Situations few talk about prepping for the disables. But this is one of the things WhiteCrow has talked about for years and yes …

Emergency Power! And How To Make It!

I have been involved with Prepping and Emergency Situation as well as being an expert survivalist all my life and I have figured out how to literally do just about …

“A New Virus Called ‘Bourbon Virus’ Blamed for Kansas Man’s Death!”

  A new tick-borne virus has been discovered in Kansas and dubbed the “Bourbon virus.” I put this article in our Survival section because this is something those of us who …

25 Most Radioactive Places On The Face Of The Earth You’ll Want To Avoid

This has gotten way out of hand. Nuclear energy is a deadly and dirty source of energy in the long run and it’s poisons will last forever in many cases! …

2014 Will Be Earth’s Hottest Year on Record, Despite US Cold

This was our place last year Loved it! Wintry storms could bury Buffalo, New York, under heaps of snow until Christmas, but 2014 will still be the hottest year on …

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