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Mar once had a Thriving Civilization and these Pictures Proves It!

Our Martian Ancestors Maybe Here? 🙂 Think about it now…:) I have been studying the martin surface ever since the very first human craft landed on it surface and I …

How Could This Picture Of The Rover Be Taken?

My question is this. How can this picture be? The only way this picture could have been taken was with someone else taking the picture externally from the probe! Notice …

UFO Sightings Share This Before Washington Shuts This Down!! Disclosure Is Now!

UFO’s and the Alien Connection are real! We have all seen them and they have a lot to do with the world situation right now than you can ever believe! …

Strange Round Object Found On Mars – Debunk This NASA !

This is something that is impossible for NASA to debunk! Nothing like this has ever been discovered on the surface of Mars. This is straight from NASA’s own web. Photo …

Partial Solar Eclipse will Darken US Skies This Week

Another Solar Eclipse is on the way. The Day October 23rd. But to find out more just click the link below and WALA!. Enjoy.:)

Humanoid UFO baffles pilots

Pilots of a passenger plane were caught off guard when a “flying man” shot across the side of their plane at 3,500 feet above the English town of Macclesfield. The …

Earth’s Magnetic Field Could Possibly Flip in Our Lifetime

Could the earth magnetic field change during our life time? New research has suggests the idea isn’t so far-fetched in the relatively near future. a new study shows that the …

‘Black Hole’ Theory for Missing Malaysia Flight 370? CNN Anchor Actually Asks

What Do You Think Happened To This Aircraft And All Of It passengers. I think is one the ground somewhere in another country. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think …

Astronomers spots rare asteroid break-up in Space!

 A Asteroid Breaking Apart! Awesome!   A handout photo released on March 6, 2014 by the ESA shows the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations of asteroid P/2013 R3                                                   Astronomers said …

How I see it… :) ET’s

Well here we are in the new year already and the sightings of UFO’s is increasing more and more every year. How many have you seen over the last year. …

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