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Taking The Next Step

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“No More Excuses!”

“Learn To Leave The Matrix!” If you going to grow then grow if your going to die then get on with it at last do something. Its the only way …

Plants Can Think, Feel, And Predict Changes In Their Environment!

“The Facts On Plants” All True Shaman’s Know This To Be True! This is why we always give an offering to the Plants ( Our Spirit Helpers) and Great Spirit …

Live By These Rules!

Learning To Live By These Rules And Your Life Will Become What You Want It To Be…It Really Is All Up To You! As I have always Said… We Have To Live …

Educating Yourself!

This is one of WhiteCrows Biggest goals is to get people to educate themselves at home! Her say’s that if we don’t then we are doomed to be the dumbest …

Seeing the truth of things :)

Becoming The Real You In all my years as a healer and adviser, adventurer, researcher there has been only one thing that I have looked for under  everything I could …

Native “American” Prophacy

This is a Must See Right Now! By clicking the link below you are going to see and listen to a prophecy from the native peoples which tells it like …

Facing your Fears!

This is the method I use to manage fear. It has helped me in life or death situations. I hope it helps you. Here’s a good video on facing your fears. …

The latest revelations from Pope Francis

 Finally the truth Comes Out. And Its From The Church! And us Shamans have known this for a long time! Our jobs aren’t to control people, Its to free people …

A Note from the Spirit

What is it going to take for all of you to understand that what is happening with our planet and political situation will be the death of humanity in the …

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