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Success is a New Category!

Part Of My Journey Is Making Sure Your Journey In Life Goes Well… And Success In All Areas Of Your Life Is Essential In More Ways Than One!

Is Geo Engineering of our Atmosphere really going to help us?

Here is some more great information from my good friends at Geo Engineering Watch. It never fails to amaze me just how blind our politicians really are… CLIMATE ENGINEERING WEATHER …

Mars and the Martian Experience

Why Aren’t We On Mars Yet? In this category I will be bring you the information you have always wanted and more. The facts are my friends we are already …

The Martian Connection and the Secret Space Program

The Secret Space Program and the Break Away Civilization For over 40 years I have not talked about what I know when it come to the secret space program and …


With our tea filter ‘sock’ you can brew tea to any strength, flavor, and aroma. These allow for large blends of botanicals to be brewed and to expand for the …

Want Your Own Web Site Built?

Web Site Creation Is On The Way! We here at PDS Training & Consulting have been asked many times if we created web sites for individuals wanting to create their …

Success Is About Doing Not Wishing!

Success and You! Your Daily Motivational! The Breaking Free Program Is Now The Phoenix Program. This is the Enhanced Version Of our old Breaking Free Program. So as we are …

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