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Massive El Niño is now the Largest Ever Recorded

“Largest El Nino Ever Recorded In Recorded History!” As soon as I seen the early report on this towards the ending of last year I knew with out a doubt …

Massive Human Migration Are Now Happening!

Mass Human Migrations This is the first time in history since the great Irish Potato Famine that we humans have been literally forced into another and even larger mass migration …

Our Earth, Our Societies, and Where are we headed?

WhiteCrow has done many radio shows on this subject but we talked him into an interview on his property about exactly that . Our Earth, Our Societies’ and here are …

Living On A Warming Planet

In todays world we have finally realized that our planet is now warming up faster than ever thought possible. And with this warming comes many unexpected changes to us our environment …

What Is A Break Away Society?

Many times I have talked anbout Break Away Societies and every time I get emails and other contacts saying that this is impossible. But once they understand exactly what that …

Our Pacific Basin Situation

What’s Happening To Our Pacific Basin? Article By William WhiteCrow I have been researching the Pacific Ocean for all of my life and I have never seen it go through …

What Coming Our Way?

What’s really coming our way? I have been asked this question for many years and the only thing I can truthfull say is this. Our one and only home is …

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