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February Smashes Earth’s All-Time Global Heat Record by a Jaw-Dropping Margin

Things Are Changing Faster Than Ever Predicted I have been following our planets climate and other changes for over 50 years now and what I am seeing and what I …

They Say Its Out of Control Now!

This methane release is a serious problem in every way. The areas surrounding this disaster is dying and leaving the area completely. Even the coyotes have left the area completely. …

More on the Massive Methane Gas Leak in California Right Now!

This is something that is worse than they tell you once again! This is a worse case scenario scientist are saying now. This is also the largest accident in history …

Global Virus Movement into the U.S. !

What’s Happening Right Now? Well facts are facts and the illnesses and viral problems I have talked about for over the last 20 years has finally come into being. We …

“Methane”…The Truth About What Really Going On!

This is pretty much what’s really happening right now with us and our planet… Please follow and like us:

Methane Releases Globally Are Now Out Of Hand!

Have we gone to far already? Dane Wigington is a friend of mine and one of the best researchers there is when it comes to this situation and his information …

Methane Disaster Heading Our Way!

Not only do we have two man made methane disasters one in California and one in Colorado but we have a massive global melt off of the oceans methane hydrates. And …

“Our Journey Into The Future”

Where Are We Headed… What Does Our Future Look Like? I have been alive for quite some time and what has always amazed me was the pace at which technology …

“How Much Radiation Is To Much?”

From Chernobyl To Fukushima How Long Can It Go On? With the invention of the nuclear reactor came a price… And that price is now beginning to be exact it …

Facts About The Fukushima Situation and the Human Race!

Is the Pacific Dying Now? This video I have put here because this is a top notch scientist who does the research and knows the facts. And right now today …

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