This Page is dedicated to the Books William WhiteCrow has put out. And Yes they are all on Amazon right now. Click the link below each book and you will be taken directly to Amazon where you can get a copy for yourself.

All books are E book’s and Paper Back as well for you to choose from!

The Earth Time Chronicles

This book is about the earth and humanity and our journey together. It deals with where we have been…where we are now….and where we are heading as a planet and a species. At the present time there are over 7.4 plus billion people on the planet and that’s only increasing. The resources harvested daily for our planetary population is enormous. Our societal and planetary changes taking place right now are happening faster than planetary scientists and sociologists thought possible. This work talks about the cities of the future, a decentralized power grid, education, medicine, the merger between man and machine, agriculture and more. We are at the apex of humanity and it is up to us in what direction we will go. We either use our technologies, our spiritual understandings and our knowledge of what is happening right now to make the changes we need to move forward to a better and brighter future or we simply continue to move in the direction we are now going and in the not to distant future the human species will go by the way of the dinosaur. The choice is up to us. Remember this…if you don’t make the necessary changes now for a better future you might not be able to later.

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Are You Tired of Living a Toxic Life? (Toxic Lives Book 1)

Do you feel lost in life? Are you living a Toxic Lifestyle? Do you want to learn how to leave that Toxic Lifestyle behind? If so, then this is the book for you. This is a step by step process on how to recognize a toxic life and how to step away from it completely. This can help change your life completely, not just in your relationships and friendships, but financially and personally as well. It teaches you how to see things on a completely different level and perspective than you ever have before.This book is about reality…your reality. This book was written using real life experiences and the techniques I have used to change my life completely in every way possible. It teaches you to build confidence in yourself and take back your personal power to achieve the life that you have always wanted to live. No more living the life that others want you to…no more of living a life of confusion and uncertainties. By taking action and following the steps presented here you can learn how to reach a level of life that, up until now, you have only dreamed of. It will also teach you that many of the fears you have in life are unfounded, So in a large sense, this book will help you to find your own personal courage and develop it to its maximum. You see, we are taught to fear in many ways as children and this book will help you to step beyond those fears. I will teach you to look into your mirror of life and break the negative reflections, attitudes, habits and belief systems that have stopped you from moving forward and accomplishing the things that you want out of life.
So are you tired of living the life you have right now and want to make some serious changes? Are you ready to take charge of your life and live it for yourself? If you are then this is the book you need. I pull no punches here and tells it like it is. I even include some of my own life experiences to show you how you can step out of a Toxic Lifestyle and into the light once again.

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The Healing (Are You Tired of Living a Toxic Life) (Volume 2)

This is the second book in the series of Are You Tired of Living a Toxic Life? WhiteCrow has filled this easy to read and understand book with plans to keep you on your path to success. He touches on several areas that you may not have looked at before to help you make the transition to personal success easier in all areas of your life and more. Keep this reminder of the things you need to do to keep on your personal road to success. Don’t think about doing things…just do them. Procrastination is the number one key to failure. Don’t let it happen to you.)

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The Wolf and Boe Fryer

All he wanted to do was to get a golden flower for his best friend Lucy. What happened after that would change Boe’s life and many of the lives in the Rabbit Clan forever. And what about the wolf? When the life of the wolf and the rabbit cross many lessons in friendship, courage, honesty and trust are learned by all. So goes the journey of The Wolf and Boe Fryer.

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William WhiteCrow also has two more books coming out that are being edited now! Both are Sci Fi books Dealing with Teleportation, Time Travel, The Break Away Civilization and The SSP ( Secret Space Program. The best way to give you the reality of whats really going on is in a good sci fi ! And yes he has done it… 🙂

They will be out this year for sure! 🙂

Ones called


And the other hasn’t a title yet but will soon! 🙂















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