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“Getting Past The Matrix”

Tonight’s Show Sunday the 4th of February! Getting Past The Matrix So many people get hooked up on the Matrix and the control structure they forget to let go and …

“Personal & Financial Success”

The first thing I tell people when they are seeking any type of financial success is this. Are you prepared to go the extra miles for yourself? Are you also …

“Understanding The Reality Of It All”

I have helped a lot of people succeed in my life time and I have also helped a lot of people see the reality of each one of our dilemmas in …

Success is a New Category!

Part Of My Journey Is Making Sure Your Journey In Life Goes Well… And Success In All Areas Of Your Life Is Essential In More Ways Than One!

Where Are We At Right Now?

How Much Success Do You Want In Your Life? With the new year here I have been watching people taking a new interest in the success cycle in their lives. …

“The Future Is Here”

“The Future” If there is one thing that I have always dreamed of it was being able to do the things I use to see in the old Sci Fi …

“Reality… What a Concept!”

Reality What A Concept! Reality …What is our or your reality right now? What do we know about this place we call the third dimension when scientists have just gotten a …

New Year… New Programs!

Looking into the eyes of Wisdom ! This year my friends is the year of change in more ways than one. Not  only is the Planet changing as well is …

“The Crows Place Store !”

  The Crows Place Store Well here it is another year and we have done nothing but Grow since we first opened up our store. We started of with only …

Special Note for 2018

Hello everyone. I am writing this today because of a special meeting I just had. I would advise everyone to start preparing for a very interesting spring and summer. Temps …

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