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William WhiteCrow is a Shaman, Life Coach, Investigator, Researcher, Radio Show Host, Healer, Adventurer, Businessman/ Entrepreneur, Experiencer of many things, a Writer/Author, World Traveler, Mountain Climber, Free Climber, Survival Instructor and More! And he uses those Life Experiences and Spiritual Understandings and Business Experiences to help everyone around him. And he loves doing it.

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He’s been a practicing Shaman for over 30 years as well as a loving Father, Husband, Grandfather, Teacher and More!

He was trained in the Ancient ways and Ceremonies of the Native and Aboriginal Peoples from around the World.

He has taught Personal & Spiritual Development, Herbal Medicines, Field Identification of Herbs, How to prepare your own herbal preparations and Remedies, He’s educated in all areas of Psychology and  graduated with Highest Honors as well . He is a Personal, Spiritual and Small Business Specialist and Coach as well. 

He has work with students from all over the World helping them learn the benefits of the old ways of life, balance and understanding. Through personal ritual and dedication anyone can do anything if they learn to put their personal fears aside and go for it.

He has always said A fine blend of old fashioned ways and modern technology is the only way to live in balance now with the earth and societal changes taking place!

He has interviewed some of the World’s Top Experts in their fields. Personalities like Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, George Green, Gerald Celente, Texxe Marrs, Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington, Mark McCandlish ……..and many more.

His Public and Private Appearances and Talks are one of a kind filled with facts and truths that cannot be denied. He has written several books called Breaking Free, Toxic Lives, The Healing and  his most  new book The Earth Time Chronicles now out on Amazon as well!

 It brings me immense satisfaction to help others learn how to do the same for themselves ……and grow.

Personal education and being aware of what is going on in the World around us is essential in these times. “Keep your head on a swivel,” I often say, “Be prepared for the unexpected and always have an attitude of gratitude for everything you have. You could have a lot less!”


Join me on a Journey of enrichment and enlightenment and rise up into the life you were meant to have! Create the Life You Want for Yourself right now today! Learn to step away from those things in your life that are Toxic to you right now!


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