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He’s a serious Researcher, Radio Show Host / Personality and Interviewer , Been a practicing Shaman for over 30 years as well as a loving Father, Husband, Grandfather, Healer, Teacher,  Empath, Seer and more.

He was trained in the Ancient ways and Ceremonies of the Native and Aboriginal Peoples from around the World.

He has had the opportunity to travel to many places like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Mexico and Central American regions and South America has met their indigenous Medicine people and learned from them as well.

I have taught Spiritual and Personal Development, Herbal Medicines, Field Identification of Herbs, How to prepare your own herbal preparations and Remedies, I am educated in all areas of Psychology and I graduated with Highest Honors as well. I am a Personal, Spiritual and Small Business Specialist as well as a  Survival and Emergency Preparedness Expert. I am also a Viet Nam veteran who worked with special operations and understand what those who have gone to war went through and are going through now.

I have work with students from all over the World helping them learn the benefits of the old ways of life, balance and understanding. Through ritual and personal dedication anyone can do anything if they learn to put their personal fears aside and go for it.

I have always said A fine blend of old fashioned ways and modern technology is the only way to live in balance now with the earth and societal changes taking place now! I have also worked successfully on several missing person cases.

I have Given my Talks many times Privately and Publicly and spoken at Conventions and am considered to be one of the Nation’s top 12 controversial speakers on a variety of subjects ranging from Survival & Emergency Preparedness, Secret Government Projects, UFOs, Earth Changes, The Future, War, The Paranormal, Weather Modification, Shamanism and more.

I have Hosted my own Radio Show and been interviewed on so many other Radio Shows that it is now difficult to keep count. I have also been interviewed by various Spiritual Magazines and Newspapers as well.

I have interviewed some of the World’s Top Experts in their fields. Personalities like Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, George Green, Gerald Celente, Texxe Marrs, Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington, Mark McCandlish ……..and many more.

My Public and Private Appearances and Talks are one of a kind filled with facts and truths that cannot be denied. I have written several books called Breaking Free, Toxic Lives and  am right now finishing up our long awaited Survival Documentary called The Poor Mans Guide To Emergency Preparedness and Survival!

 It brings me immense satisfaction to help others learn how to do the same for themselves ……and grow.

Personal education and being aware of what is going on in the World around us is essential in these times. “Keep your head on a swivel,” I often say, “Be prepared for the unexpected and always have an attitude of gratitude for everything you have. You could have a lot less!”


Join me on a Journey of enrichment and enlightenment and rise up into the life you were meant to have! Create the Life You Want for Yourself right now today! Learn to step away from those things in your life that are Toxic to you right now!


Back in the day things were different. Back in the day men and women went through ceremonies to mark the time period of when a boy became a man and a girl became a woman. Today they don’t….To put things in a simple phrase I would say becoming a Shaman is the one thing that has freed me from the craziness of the world. I have learned how to become the observer of life to the extreme. I would say looking back on it now I became a Shaman because I wanted to see further into the future of things and help others reach their highest goals in life. I wanted to know the things that I felt deep inside were true. And over time I found that these feelings would become the guiding light of my life in all areas. I can, at a moments notice, simply phase out this world at will and interact with the world of spirit or energy, which to me is the same thing. They are not disconnected from one another.

Those who take the time and effort over the years to seek and learn from those in the know, will succeed. But it isn’t a six-week course where you get a shiny nice diploma. The Diploma of Becoming a Shaman is “REALITY”. You learn how to look at life and the world in a completely different way. You learn to shift your consciousness at will and doing energy work is something we learned at the basic level of learning. Over time you begin knowing without knowing, as we call it and with this you understand that many future events have to happen and that the world of the media and government is nothing more than a fear based smoke and mirror routine that has been used for thousands of years by those who wish to control who? You

So here we are. We create our reality but were never taught how to do it. And that has been the secret that has been hidden for much to long. Now science and spiritual understanding are finally coming together to awaken us to a newer reality of thought and who we are.


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