I have helped a lot of people succeed in my life time and I have also helped a lot of people see the reality of each one of our dilemmas in life ranging from relationships to business to the reality of what we can and can not change in life. Another thing I have helped people understand is Life is not Fair… And the only thing that is equal when we are born into this world is that we are all born naked! Once people understood this their ability to see a lot of thing more clearly enabled them to move forward in life in every way possible with more understanding and confidence.

Why because there was nothing to fear anymore… There weren’t any more misconceptions or misunderstanding any more when it came to their lives and what they could do.  They understood that they were the ones who were creating they’re reality all the way around by their own actions or inaction.  They were being hampered by some of their own prejudices, hates and fears and once they analyzed them they found they were all unfounded fears, hates and misperceptions. Once they realized these things they also realized how much time they had wasted feeding their emotions and out looks on life with negative thoughts and actions that for the most part were all taught to them over their life times. 

So much wasted time they would all say over time…

And its true how much time do we waste on trivial things and the dramas of others? Think about it. But by simply following the programs I had designed they soon were able to not only change the ways they seen things but literally change their lives as well in the process. 

You see since all of us were kids we have been distracted from true forward movement through the media, games, our educational systems and many more things as well. It is a wise person who learns to invest time and energy into themselves and their future at every level possible open to them. 

I read a study just recently where several thousand elderly individuals were asked one question…”What is the one or two things that you would do different if you could do everything over again… All of them said they would worry less about the trivial things and drams in life. Every one of them realized that they had wasted a lot of time and worried to much about what others thought about them and the trivial things in their lives… Interesting indeed. 

This is interesting to me because it happens to be a stone cold fact that I have been teaching for over 50 years now! And that’s why this year I will be holding several classes on Spiritual and Personal Development in all areas of our lives… Yes even our relationships and our financial security as well. In order for a strong tree to grow it has to have a strong root system and that’s what I teach and help to grow within each person I work with. This year it is 100% about the success you want in life if your not where you want to be right now. 

From relaxation and meditation techniques to your personal and financial growth is what it all about and we will look into and go into every aspect of our lives in more ways than one. 

So if your into big time change and dedication into your own forward movement in your life in every way possible then you can be rest assured the courses I have designed will help you see and understand things that will make you want to succeed in every area of your life… Why? Because success in all areas of your life feels oh so good also at every level!

So keep checking back in and subscribe to me and soon I will be putting out the course out lines I will be teaching this year… Enjoy… 🙂



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