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If there is one thing that I have always dreamed of it was being able to do the things I use to see in the old Sci Fi movies when I was a kid. But now that world…That Future is here. So in all reality The Future Is Here… Humanity is on the apex of becoming a class one civilization in many ways. Our technologies are developing other technologies and now AI is and has become a part of our everyday lives whether we want to believe it or not. Instant communication across and around the planet is at our finger tips and is our ability to travel and do the same thing.

So why aren’t things better in the world of today? Even the use of one of the most polluting things on the planet, meaning the use of fossil fuels, is on its way out now. But our societies are still in economic, environmental and religious turmoil, war and more. Why is this and what can we do about it realistically?

Facts are, there are some things to understand right off the top… There are some things we can change and there are some things we can’t change and by understanding this off the top we can put our concentration directly on the things we can change. This is a reality. But the good thing is there is a lot of things that we can change and work towards as a society and yes, this is starting to happen, meaning that this goes past the governmental and religious aspects of our societies as well. The future can be a scary place. I have already seen parts of it but we can’t be like a deer in the headlights of a vehicle or we’re history.

The technologies we are developing and have already developed can help us make the changes necessary to save ourselves and the planet as a whole. But facts, are no matter what we do right now some serious changes are going to take place. And that is just the way it is… I wrote this blog to do one thing and that is to help everyone understand that it is up to us…up to you on how you want the future to be. No matter if we have a war, natural disaster, nuclear conflict or whatever, we as a human species will continue on.

So it is the decisions we make for ourselves right now. That is what’s going to make the difference for the whole. But the big thing we have to do is understand and accept where we are at realistically right now planetary wise, Societal wise, and Individually wise. The key here is accepting reality and stepping into the future with eyes wide open, head on a swivel, and an acceptance of others being different. Our religions, politics, sexuality and more have been used to separated our species for much too long now. It’s time to let shit go and get on with working together to make things better.

Why do you hold on to your prejudices, hates, and everything else that has and will continue to drag you down until you learn to let them go? We have been conditioned to fight against one another so we won’t look at the real problems that are creating the problems we are seeing in the world today. And as we all know the ways of those in control are very powerful because they know how to control your minds and emotions oh so well. And many fall for the fantastic games of smoke and mirrors that they use also so well.

So what is it going to take to step away from this deception? 

Self realization…Realizing that there is another way but it in essence will free you completely once you understand how to take back your power and your life from them. One day at a time. The process doesn’t take long really and its all about you deprogramming yourself, weaning yourself off their media blitzes and smoke and mirror routine they use so effectively and have done so for many, many generations.

And this is what everything is about this year. Helping you not only Break Away from this insanity and matrix of deceptions but also to help you create and succeed in life like never before. Screw them! Now it’s about you and your development and forward movement in a future that you create, not them. So in all reality your true freedom is just around the corner… All you have to do is accept it and start living it at every level. Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff once you understand you’re the one who’s in charge of your life and your future.

Don’t be the deer in the headlights.. Become the eagle who soars high above everything else…

It’s time to make the world a better place all the way around and we have to start with ourselves as we step into the unknowns of the future holding our heads high, being ready for whatever comes our way with no fear in our hearts, minds or spirit. Fear is a learned process… Let it go! Because when it goes…Everything else goes with it! 🙂 

Live Long and Prosper… 🙂

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