Reality What A Concept!

Reality …What is our or your reality right now? What do we know about this place we call the third dimension when scientists have just gotten a glimpse of the fourth dimension? Your concept of reality depends a lot on what you know and understand about the world around you as well as your personal, spiritual and intellectual development. But in all reality … reality is fluid in every way. We have to ask ourselves if reality is real when we are not observing it… Is this life simply a matrix of computer code or something else? If it is a matrix or illusion, how did it begin? Through decades of study and research I have found that this Matrix or illusion can be manipulated in many ways, once you understand the reality of it all and how everything functions. Facts are, you are the master programmer of your matrix your illusion or reality. This is the number one thing those in control of this present reality or matrix don’t want you to know. Simply by understanding that it is an imposed reality their reality/matrix begins to dissolve. 

Understanding who and what we truly are opens other channels of thought which in turn slowly as we learn and understand more recreates our present day reality in every possible way. The ancients knew this well. They learned how to observe different aspects and forms of reality which in turn allowed them to slip in and out of dimensional consciousness during ceremony where time and space and consciousness and everything else as we know them ceased to exist.

They learned to touch the primal essence or reality. They found themselves in the nothingness of what we call time and space where they, as we can as well… found themselves. They found their higher selves or states of being in the silence… 

So reality… what is it to you at this moment in what we call time? There is no religion or dogmas when it comes to the true understanding of who we are, what we are and where we came from. It is what it is. 

The facts are, the deeper we go down the rabbit hole over time we realize that the more intelligent and balanced we become because then we understand our own matrix which we have created around us. We also understand how the matrix others have created for us works at every level as well. We learn how to control ourselves and our emotions so we don’t become simply followers of one cause or another. We learn to become the Observer tempering our emotions with Logic and Intuition. This is what I learned from the Others long ago. And knowing this, creating the world one wants around them becomes easier instead of harder. Why? Because you have learned how to control the flow of life within yourself. 

At this point the Successes people want in their life is easy to come. Why? Because you understand the system even though you are not part of it any more. You  have taken a step above it and now know how to make it work for you. This is a good thing all the way around. This is personal evolution at many levels and personal evolution and revelation always moves us closer to truth and our goals in life.  And this is what this year is all about. All of my programs will be dealing with all levels of our development in every area possible. Teaching and more will be passed on from this day forth in many forms and ways. By doing this, success will be something everyone can and will reach once they understand the system and they learn how to invest in themselves one day, one lesson at a time. 

It’s about breaking away from the norm in every way possible. Only then can an individual have true freedom no matter what is going on around them. It isn’t about making things more complicated in life, it’s about a state of mind and reality that allows one to see through all the bull shit and concentrate on the energy flow in ones life and how to control and manipulate this to create the successes you want it life. 

And I’m going to help you do exactly that. Take action and move forward in ways few ever think of or use. 

So no matter what is going on in the world around you what do you want your life and world to be like not only for the rest of this year but for the rest of your life? 

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