In today’s world of fast paces and little time for ones self I have decided to write this for post for you… 

With the Holidays here already its important to realize that you need to take time out for yourself and enjoy that time as well. Make sure you go out and do something for yourself this season even if its just driving around and looking at everyone decorations. But I also want you to understand that during this time of year its really about sharing ourselves with other not necessarily going out and buying a ton of gifts for everyone and going into debt doing it. The people you love know you and understand that its not the presents which are nice but it the cherished time we all have together during this time of the years now after the harvest. We have been drawn into the trap of mass consumerism and have forgotten that back in the day it was an awesome thing for everyone to get together and simply have a good meal together and giving thanks for everything we have and have received from others over the years. It the time when we renew our personal life vows to ourselves, one another and the Planet . 

Now is the time to set ourselves new goals and plans for our lives looking over the last few years and making modification to our daily lives that will make things easier and better for us all the way around. So take some time to set down and plan what you want to achieve this coming year and start doing it right now instead of late. Why? Because you deserve it in every way possible.Remember no matter what is going on in the world around us we can still be the calm in the middle of the storm. So wake up each day with an attitude of gratitude because its very important to be thankful for what we already have. If you have nothing to give give your love. Understanding, and time when you have it because these are the best gifts anyone could give another. Sometimes just being there is the gift that keeps on giving.

May your days be long and full of good health and good times! . 

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