The above picture was taken on Mars by the rover. The individual here on this shall we say speeder was setting on a ridge some miles away. But it still got the picture all the same ! And they say nothings going on with or on Mars. LOL:)

But I am not here to talk about Mars I am here to talk about space flight and protection during time in space. It baffles me how people can sit around and talk about how we can’t do this or that from their arm chair towers especially when it comes to space flight and especially when it comes to the programs we seldom hear about meaning the secret space program and more. Do you really think we are out there doing things with out the protection we need? LOL:) 

Facts are our  ( SSP and More!) scientist have been able to create protective magnetic fields for deep space missions for quite some time now. People ask me if its possible to travel for extended periods of time in space… The answer is yes. The facts are if your trying to get the truth from nasa or any type of other organization tied in anyway to the nasa and other gov programs you will never get the truth. The TRB3 and others have the ability to protect their personnel buy creating these artificial fields around their craft. No problems doing this at all. Think about if folks. If they have the TRB3, arora, SR74 and more creating a protective shield for the occupants os not a problem at all technologically… Just stop and think about it for a moment and then common since will kick in. They wouldn’t be traveling out there like they are unless the personal felt safe enough to do it as well. Artificial magnetic shields have been in operation for quit some time now. If they can create a magnetic field that can keep in the fusion process which they are doing all the time already here creating a protective magnetic field for us out there is no problem. They have the power generation capabilities to do this very, very easily! 🙂 So to answer all your questions about traveling out there and the radiation ect… That’s not a problem at all any more nor has it been a problem for many decades now 🙂

Realistically think about it folks. If we have the craft that are and have been reverse engineered for decades now do you think they’re not going to have a way to protect the crew… LOL… Of course they do… 🙂

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