Stepping Up To The Plate!

How many of you are right now living the life you want to be living. What is it you truly want to be doing in this life? Have you truly sat down or took a road trip and asked yourself this question? I mean really… Have you? 

Or Are you the kind of person that just seems to float along in life hoping for the best? Well facts are my friends life isn’t fair and it doesn’t give out trophies for participation. Life is literally what you make of it in every way. Also if all you see in life are your problems then this is what you will always see until you change your outlook on what life is and your part in it. 

How do you look at yourself? What do you expect of yourself? And most of all do your respect yourself because if you don’t who will… Really. Always remember those who you see succeeding in their lives are not the ones setting on their ass’s hoping things will happen . They are the doers in their lives and they have learned how to focus their energies and thoughts and yes their action towards goals they have set for themselves and they work at them every single day until they accomplish them.

Sure they have failures but they look at them as lessons and get on with things. They regroup and create a new road map for their life and then they start heading down that road towards their own successes simply by feeding the minds and heart with the I Can Do Attitude. They are truly thankful for everything they have and they have learned how to create what I call a down stream focus. Meaning they are thinking about how to make things better in their life, business, and relationships everyday and they enjoy doing it. And another very important thing they have learned to do is say no… If something is detrimental to ones forward movement it needs to go or be put way back on a back burner as we say. Successful people have learned to become realist. 

Facts are my friends the first thing we have to realize is that we can’t help everyone unless they are also willing to help themselves. So we have to learn to cut those things and people out of our daily lives that are negative to our success. And we never take advice from someone who has not succeeded in the areas of expertise you are seeking. 

So are you at in life where you want to be or do you need to step up to the plate and reorganize, re plan and reroute your road map of life? If your not happy right now maybe it’s time to re think some of the things in your life. And there is no time like the present to do exactly that. 

And if you need help doing this there’s a book out called “Are You Tired Of Living A Toxic life” out on Amazon right now! It’s a simple format for helping anyone get their lives back together and heading in the right direction. And always remember that the future for anyone can be bright as long as they keep the light within themselves burning brightly. 

So do you need to step up to the plate in your life? Does someone you know need to? If so get them this small but very effective book and give it to them. And if it’s you then get the book and start putting your new plan together right now… Because if you don’t have the time to invest in yourself how can you expect others to do the same for you…

So get out there and live the life you have always wanted to …One Step At A Time!

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