Our Weakening Magnetic Field…

What’s The Truth About What Is Going On?

I have been studying the Earth, it’s environment and magnetic field for as long as I can remember. I have always known that things were changing and I also knew that one day there would be a time where what we call the cascade effect would take place. This is a period of time when all the things that were happening/changing would begin to speed up and happen more quickly. And indeed this has been the case with our planet’s Magnetosphere. As you know this is the planet’s protective magnetic field that protects us all from the harmful radiations from space. You know the usual microwaves, X ray, Cosmic rays and radiations of every type, UV radiations of all types and more. This is the one thing we don’t want to lose. But the facts are; we are at a 30% or more loss right now. I have talked about this on many radio shows over the years. And they are saying right now that we are losing 5% more of our magnetic field every 10 years and this is speeding up. So you do the math… I searched long and hard to find a simple but very factual video on this subject and found this one. These are the real basics no matter what anyone wants to say. We have to face the reality of things but this doesn’t mean the end of mankind. Not yet anyway, but the effects of this problem we are already seeing globally as we speak. I will be posting more on this over the next few weeks as well as other things that our governments refuse to talk about. This is one of the reasons our governments are in resource and control mode so much right now. This is one of the things they don’t want you to look at. All smoke and mirrors from them.  Here’s the video listen and learn…. 🙂

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