“Were Does Mans Future Lie”

At 63 years old I have seen literally everything happening to the earth and our planetary societies happen. It is that plain and simple. I can see the trends of things as some would say. I have watched our environment go from one where we could predict the weather pretty much perfectly with few exceptions back in the day and I have watched our environment go from one of plenty to one of declining scarcity in many ways. I have even watched our atmosphere change in ways only my elders knew would happen a long , long time ago. 

It’s funny how the Elders ( old men and women ) of my childhood knew what was going to be happening today… Now after living life and experiencing all the things I have I understand exactly how they knew, without a doubt, where we would be right now today. They knew human nature and greed as well as mans ability to quickly set the natural world around him in disarray. They knew that the larger the tribe got the more hunting areas would be needed and this in turn at times would create tensions and, yes, even war among neighboring tribes and peoples which for the most part they all tried to avoid at all costs. It’s not the growing that has caused the problems really. It has been the ignorance of our decisions that has put in the present situations we are in now. We have forgotten what real balance is for the most part. And most people think that balance is always being on the up and up of things and modern toys like cars, clothes, jewelry and more.  In reality balance is all about not trying to disrupt the natural flow of things… Natural cycles and events. 

Let’s take a look at our tribes which are our societies of today. Yes, I know we have many different cultures but this doesn’t really matter. We are going to look at the differences between the tribes and their social make up today compared to back in the day. 

All tribes from back in the day had certain things that were necessary within their cultural circles. The right of passage between being a boy or a girl and a young man or woman was a pivotal point in all cultures of the time. But as modern society evolved main stream religion, law and technology changed all that over time with few exception when it comes to modern man. This is one of the reasons spiritual people pay big money to go to those who still live in the wilds of the world to experience the plant medicines and ways of these people. What they are trying to get back to is balance. Balance is actually in our primal nature. Always has been. The modern world has come at a price in many areas of our lives. 

Right now we have so much going on globally that the media stresses on the humans is reaching epic levels. And they wonder why so many people out there are going crazy. There are mass suicide bombings, environmental collapse, economic uncertainties, personal conflicts of identity, Societal break downs in many areas of the world due to terrorist activity and more. In tribal life back in the day we didn’t have all these other outside forces weighing so much on each individual shoulders as they are today. People back in the day could simply find a nice quiet place and basically turn off and re-balance themselves and their thoughts and spirit. But today in many cases that’s basically impossible because of the ways our societies are set up now. No down time is now the norm for most people in the civilized world and cultures right now. 

So where are we headed right now then? And what can we do to reintroduce those things that kept us balanced in the world in the first place with society and our lives going at high speed right now. 

Facts are, as I have said many times,there are things we can change in our lives and there are things in our lives that we can’t change. As for those things we can’t change we need to learn to just accept them and get on with the things in our lives that we can change. And the things we can change is a lot.  Finding the balance really doesn’t take much once you finally make the decision to do it. Learn to take time out for yourself and find your tribal or primal needs and make sure you do what is necessary to balance them out. But taking the time to shut down means also that you have to at times say no to others… I need my down time I hope you understand. Learn to sit and listen to your thoughts and body. Ask yourself questions and expect answers and they will come to you from the most unexpected sources at times. Your spirit / higher self knows what you need. Trust in your intuitive abilities when it comes to yourself and your needs and temper everything with logic and you will quickly find the peace you are looking for. It all breaks down to you and the environment.

Humanity is heading down a pretty rocky road but there can be a light at the end of the tunnel and there will be for those who see and read the signs. And the signs say our planet’s environment is in trouble as far as humans and the other life on this planet goes. You see part of being balanced is accepting and understanding what is actually happening to us and our planet right now. The good thing is that we already have the means and the technologies to make a better future all the way around no matter what is happening to society and the environment around us. And new technologies are coming along all the time now. Ever wonder why they are searching so hard for another Earth or planets to live on out there? LOL  Just stop and think about it for a few and you’ll see what I am talking about. The legends of the Hopi and many other aboriginal tribes talked about this time period long ago before we had any of the technologies we have now. They knew the direction man was going to go long ago…

So what is the future of mankind right now with the following happening. We are in our sixth great extinction. Our planet’s magnetic field is diminishing 10 times faster than thought possible. There are growing oceanic dead zones. Wildlife population is dropping globally on a massive scale. Trees are having a hard time adapting in many areas now due to insect infestation and disease as well as drought. There are massive droughts across the central latitudes of the planet. Jet stream changes re happening like we have never seen before. Ocean circulation currents are slowing down. We are having unpredictable weather patterns, higher radiation readings globally due to Fukushima and our weakening magnetic field, and we haven’t even touched on the ocean and atmospheric increases of CO2 and Methane together or the acidification of the waters globally! So what do we do? The first thing to do is calm down and realize that in the not too distant future the earth is going to be a much different place than we have ever seen before. It is already, for me and many people my age. The earth is totally different now and we are still moving along. Why? Because we know that it’s in our nature to do so. No matter what is happening we have to live our lives and better our lives but we don’t have to do it at the expense of the planet now actually. The planet’s going to change and that’s just the way it is and there is no way around it.

And as for the wars and things of this nature… mankind has been warring for thousands of years now. The only problem now is that we have nukes which one day will be used no matter how bad you and I don’t want it to be used. It’s in the nature of certain mind sets of humans. . We have to look at ourselves as the visitor to this wonderful planet.

We have to start using the newer technologies that are not polluting. We need, as individuals, to break away from the grid in every way we can without going back to the Stone Age. We have to accept that our governments are not going to do the things needed to make the changes needed now. It takes them years to do anything. It’s the individual who make the changes needed in their lives that are the ones who will make it far into the future. Teach your future generation what to do . Educate them in the areas they need to know and be truthful about what they can do to make the changes needed for a better future.

First thing is to get off fossil fuels as fast as possible and go into re-newable energy. We have and have never looked back since then. It was well worth it in every way. The future can be a bright one no matter what is happening in the world around us if we personally want it. Step into the future by walking away from negative and destructive old ways and views. And yes teach your future generations to do the same. Facts are… right now the one thing that will save us is a fine blend of old fashioned ways and modern technologies.  We have all the technologies we need right now to make the world a better place. The environment will change. There is nothing we can do about that but we can make the changes needed as individuals to start working together to ensure our survivability by simply doing what is necessary now… not later. 


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