What’s Really Going on with the North Korean situation right now?

Well the facts are the tensions are only getting higher. The North I feel personally isn’t going to give up shit unless they are forced to. 

They see the U.S as does their Allies as the big bully on the planet and maybe we have been. But that doesn’t change the fact that if we do go into conflict with the north many innocent people that are our Allies will die. It is that simple. Einstein was right when he said that you couldn’t put the jenie back into the bottle and oh boy was he right. Te north has a one million man army and they are very dedicated to their leader KIm. Kim knows the chess board of political power as long as you have nuclear weapons very well. If we were going to take the nukes out of his hands it should have been done under the Obama erra. But to late for that now. I have been asked if we will go to war with north Korea and my answer to that is we have an 80% chance of this happening. First all diplomatic and sanction measures have to fail first. Here’s a video that shows you exactly what each side has. And you will quickly see if war breaks out it will be a long drawn out situation and I will say a hundred thousand could be dead within the first 72 hours of things beginning. But the facts are if this guy isn’t dealt with we could have bigger problems when he get full ICBM capabilities to reach any where in the U.S. … I know their are a lot of let just bomb the crap out of them and send them back to the stone age attitudes but we need more than that. Hopefully we will be able to come to some kind of peacefull conclusion to this whole thing but I see we are now as they are saying running out of options. Remember the old saying …”Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This phrase would be one to follow here if I lived in that area. 

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