Life On Mars?

Are We There Already?

This thing looks like it was put through a car wash! Way to clean for just the wind to blow the dust off the panels. That’s NASA’s excuse anyway and they’re sticking to it, it seems LOL

There are a lot of things that are going on in the world today and the things that are going on with and on Mars right now is one of them. I was asked just the other day about Mars once again and asked if it was our final frontier. My answer to this question was a simple smile and then I told him no way… We are already there and we are already developing regular programs and agendas for the further development of Mars itself. The proof is already there that shows not only that we are already there but of our activity involved with the trraforming of it as well. 

Scientists from NASA to the CIA and more have come out and admitted that we have been there for some time now. I say… answer me this riddle. If you have a space craft designed for only a 90 day operational window that has been continually working for 11 or more years now how is this possibl? Facts are, even when the rover became covered with sand from the sand storms themselves within days before they were going to shut the whole program down, all of a sudden the rover’s solar panels ended up clean and they say the wind blew the sand off the panels. This is BS right off the top. In the above picture you can see that it looks as if the rover had been put through a car wash.  Not only were the panels cleaned off but every single component had been super cleaned as well. This is truly an impossibility… period. Blowing wind creates a static charge and we have all had to clean our vehicle windows off after a sand storm or what ever. Dust clings to glass as we all know. Leave your car out side and don’t clean the windows off and you will see what I mean. This could have only been done by someone who was already there. Take one of your own solar panels and leave it in the elements for several years and you will see what I mean, even here on Earth.

In the above picture, and yes it’s from Mars as well, you will see what appears to be a person riding what looks, as I like to call it, an anti gravity quad… The only thing that has been done to this picture was enhance the color a little since NASA fuzzes everything out where you can’t see what it is. You can even see the shadow underneath the Quad itself! This picture was taken by the rover up there right now.  You couldn’t see it very well in the original because it was setting off on a ridge in the background. All that was needed to do was zoom in on it and colorise it. The floating craft is obviously hovering on the ridge watching the rover it seems.

The facts are, we do have a secret space program and we are on Mars already no matter what any of the others say out there who are making a living of producing their books and documentaries out there saying they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Some of these people are the biggest money makers out there dealing with this as well. Facts are they have no idea of the extent of the programs going on. They think they do but they truly have no idea. Why? Because they are not nor have they ever been part of the programs whlie others have been. I have to smile and shake my head when I hear their ignorance of the facts . Facts are, Mars as we speak is being terraformed and we are already there and any space program that will be going to Mars in the future that isn’t part of the programs will be absorbed into said programs. I have already been told this face to face from several very reliable sources.

Ever notice how all of a sudden they are talking about finding another earth like planet and in some cases they are even now saying we have to get to Mars and start setting things up there for humanity. Well folks they already have been doing this for decades now. Facts are, our Earth is in some serious shit right now and those in control know, as I do, the depths of our Earthly problems. Another fact is, planets and star systems don’t last forever and their theory on how old the earth and sun are ..are wrong. Things are much older than they say. Remember everything is “Theory”…

Mankind was never the first ones on the planet and our ancient history has already proven this through our studies of the ancient past civilizations and more. Even our religions talk of those who came from the heavens and created us. We have been kept in the loops of false realities for way too long now and i’ts time we break free from the norm of business as usual now. If we stay within the realms of deception and lies they have been telling us all for the last 100 or more years we will fade away just like the dinosaures did. Our scientists have also already proven that you can grow many of the same plants we grow here on the surface of Mars as well. This isn’t me saying this… this is from our own scientists that did this under totally control experiments right here on Earth. So facts are facts! If you can grow some of the crops we have here on Mars then why isn’t it possible for other life forms to already be there…Just like those that have been in the unacknowleged Mars Programs have said? We have to ask ourselves, are some of these top people out there disinformation specialists or are they really that naive thinking we aren’t there simply because of their own ignorance in thinking they know more than everone else? I have my own answers to this and many wouldn’t like it but the facts are in and not only are we there but we have also found that many of the destroyed structures and other things there are linked to some of the ancient civilization right here on Earth. I guess you could say in some circumstances that ignorance is bliss when all the facts are there and they either fail to see it or they are simply trying to also hide the truth of what is really going on within the secret space programs and the very well known breakaway civilization as many call it.

Here are two lakes on Mars right now… During the evening they freeze over but during the day temps are in the mid to high 70’s. This is when the surface melts off and fresh open flowing water is there. Also notice the plant life around these two lakes as well. If there is water and plant life then why are they trying to hide the truth from us? Why? Because only certain people are going to be allowed to go there in the future. The space race is on folks and it is very important that we get as much information as we can out there before it’s all covered back up. Always remembe,r it only takes a generation or two at the most for everyone to forget the truth of things. This we can’t afford to let fade away. Our species as I see it depends on it.

There are two setsof tracks here as you can see. One curving off and away from the other much larger set of tracks that actually came, I believe, from one of the, as they are called, Walkers there. Walkers can carry smaller craft like the Quad to go out and check out other things of interest to scientists and others…These are actual Tracks on the Surface of Mars!

So with all the evidence out there right now including NASA’s own footage and pictures, as well as the whistle blowers that are finally coming out, why are they trying their best to make us all think other wise? I’ll let you answer that question for yourself. So with this said… do your own research and you’ll soon see you have been lied to for way too long now. Stay tuned! I will be posting a lot more articles on this as time goes on. Hang in there and have a great day my friends and for those who think it’s not possible for us to be there right now all I have to say is Ignorance is bliss isn’t it…?

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