The Korean Situation April 2017
Written By William WhiteCrow
Well here we are again with another threat of nuclear war… When are the leaders and militaries of the world going to learn that nuclear war is not the answer to our problems when it come to governments and other types of leaders and yes I mean even religious leaders in many ways.
So here we have North Korea building more and more nuclear weapons. These truly are weapons of mass destruction since they kill everything right on down to the insects and more on and under the ground. But this is not what this article is about. Actually it’s about what is more than likely going to happen with the N. Korean situation. Facts are, there are only two options here. These options are one: We are going to end up in conflict with N. Korea and over a million people will die within the first 24 hours of combat if even one of the North’s nukes gets through. And this is a possibility. No matter what anybody thinks . Even our best anti-missle missles miss. This was proven in the Middle East and other places around the world.
Or number two: N. Korea will eventually fold to the pressures imposed upon them because of their inability to get the fuel, food and other economic necessities they need to continue as a country. And economic pressure is at the present time being applied pretty heavily.
But the facts are I feel, the more pressure we place on the North does only one thing with a leader like Kim. We know for asureity that behind the scenes there are those who are seriously thinking about a coup and with high hopes from the West and its allies this might happen once the reality of what would happen to them and their families with a limited nuclear strike on them. North Korea can inflict heavy damage on the south but it wouldn’t be a kill shot.
Economic, political, and other pressures will not be enough I feel. A lot of the North’s military might and power and, yes, resources are coming from other sources than what the general public knows about. They ship out a lot of drugs, and other things that bring in a lot of moneys that would keep their leaders and military together. They may be out dated militarily in many ways but these North Korean soldiers are some of the toughest combat soldiers in the world. They don’t call them Rocks for nothing, believe me. I have seen them in combat during the Viet Nam war and they are hard core when it comes to combat and there is one million of them ready to go. We need to think about that.
So where are we really at here?
Well facts are, let’s hope North Korea has a coup or bows to international political and economic pressures. Because if they don’t and they choose to launch a first strike on the U.S and its regional allies then things WILL get way worse and out of hand rather quickly and you can bank on that. All they have to do is get a few scuds off with warheads and it’s a done deal for millions. Now China and Russia, which both have borders with North Korea, are warning the U.S that military action really isn’t an option while our political and military leaders are seriously thinking of doing exactly that. From some very well placed sources, this option is getting closer each and every day. So if we go into an armed conflict with North Korea we will be fighting basically five different wars or conflict situations across the planet. When… or I should say, if, we decide to take on the North with tactical strikes with our Warhogs, Navy and Air Force, using anti-missile technology and our immense Tomahawk missile arsenals what will the other nations that are fighting the U.S going to do? I personally don’t think they are going to stand there and do nothing . This would be the perfect time to strike the U.S in every area as fast and hard as they could and inflect as much damage and casualties as they could before we could reinforce anything. Who knows, maybe that’s why the North is acting the way it is. 🙂
Some times the strength of a nation isn’t measured in its ability to blow another country off the face of the earth. So I ask this question… When is the next false flag operation going to take place in the U.S or one of its bases over seas going to take place to get our emotions up to the point of a primary attack? Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and more have sparked us into war and with 9/11 we were supposed to be going to take out Osama Bin Ladin. Instead we went into Iraq and took over their oil fields. Now we are doing the same thing in Syria. So what does North Korea have that those in power want? I agree that Kim having the attitude he has plus having the nuclear weapons is something we have to deal with and deal with now. He literally has around 20 nukes right now some reports say. He has to go and so do the nukes that he has as well. Before he builds another 10 or more
So here we are. possibly on the brink of a limited nuclear exchange with a country, or I should say its leader, who obviously has no problem going all the way. The collateral damage will be unavoidable and it will be large scale to say the least.
And we haven’t even mentioned the many launch capable North Korean subs that have mysteriously disappeared and they can’t find a large percentage of them! Where do you think they might be right now? 🙂 Think about it! Where would you place them if you were Kim? I know where I would place them… They don’t talk about this much do they? Off the coast of Japan, South Korea, other military bases in the area, and off the West Coast of the United States for sure.
I know, I know, our military has everything covered right? LOL Nothing is 100% certain. There is always error calculated in for collateral damage of the civilian population including ours right here in the good ole U.S. .
So where we at right now? I say we are at the point where life as we know it might be changed forever simply because, as Einstein put it, we let the genie out of the bottle and now every one has the magic lamp of nuclear destruction. Personally I have heard from good sources that Iran also has the genie as well at their disposal. So you do the math. What do you think is going to happen with the Mad Hatter there in North Korea and if you were him what would you do would be the question?
Oh ya plus we have more Russian bombers testing our air space again as well….You know they just saying hi right? LOL 🙂
At 63 years old I remember the Cuba Missile Crisis and let me tell you we are closer to war now than we were then. So let learn to keep cool heard and play the game of chess right… And that is to win…With out loosing people in the process.
From what I have heard he want the President to set down with him in dialog just him and Kim. Boy I’d like to be the fly on the wall at that meeting. So why not do it and see what happens? Just don’t do it in North Korea 🙂
The kid want to be in the big boys club. I say let him in it and then eliminate the problem up close and personal. Well folks that’s where we’re at right now so prepare for the worst and hope for the best as the old saying goes. And in this case these are some very wise words to follow at the present time . Have a great day now… )

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