My friends we as human beings need to stop and take a look around. We need to take the next steps to enhance ourselves and our societies in the right ways. We as a species have to step out of our waring ,hating and judgmental ways. We have to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Because there is one if we as a species wake up in time. Teach the next generation how spiritually and technology can come together for the betterment of mankind. Our planet is hurting right now and we continue on blindly following leaders that only have the agendas of those who are truly in control and corperate greed. Unfortunately most of the world is still asleep but many are begining to see the light. Its up to us to show the next generations the right way to go and not have them follow our generation into oblivion. Things can change and yes it is all up to us and what we do right now to be an example for future generations. Each and everyone of us needs to stop and seriously think about this. The governments aren’t going to change. So the only thing we can change is ourselves. Lets work on that and start teaching the next generation how to live in balance with ourselves and the planet. The time is now not later…. Remember that…. 🙂

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