Where Are We At Right Now?

In the world today we are seeing chaos at its finest. And believe it or not most people are falling right into the hands of those in control. Party against party, race against race, left against right, religions against religions and more. What I see is the fact that those in control have once gain succeeded in what they have been doing for thousands of years. And that is separate us in every way possible and yes right on down to the family level. Its hard to believe that people are dumping friends and family over things such as if you are a democrat or republican or what ever! But the facts are every single one of you out there for the most part have fallen for the separation plan once again. Its is very obvious that few can agree to disagree on anything any more. Maybe the human race needs what is coming their way like a freight train. They have kept you all fighting one another for one reason or the other for over a century now and each generation teaches the next generation to do the same damb thing. Fight one another and hate one another for one reason or another. Its a sad day when those who say they want peace are the ones who are spreading most of the violence around . How can you support people who are literally out there condemning violence while pushing it in every way they can. Stupid humans is the word that comes to me. No wonder main stream humanity has been left to fend for itself while those who have broken away from main stream society are smiling saying …now we understand why the breakaways are not sharing the technologies they have to save the world we live in. In many ways if main stream society had the technologies the others have we more than likely would destroy one another in short order simply because we can’t even see the reality of the situation we are in.  Humans are as we say making their bed and they are going to have to sleep in it very soon. Ignorance must be bliss I say here. Keep your eyes closed and hope fr the best I guess. I will say many are waking up to the realities or the human situation but not enough at the present time to make a difference. I have seen our future and the way things are going we are not going to be able to grow and evolve enough to make any difference at all unless this division stops. I will tell you this I know for a fact we have very little time left to change. While everyone is still fighting and whining about this or that the freight train is still rolling full steam ahead heading down the tracks straight at us!.

My message to all humanity is this… Don’t think that we can fix things getting ready to happen at the last minute… It takes time to fix things and we have to work together to do this. Our environment or societies are sick and need some serious healing but its not going to come in time I fear. If you have children and grandchildren you can bank on their futures being in a bad way as long as humanity continues on the way it is. Their futures will be much harder than ours because most humans are simply not able to see the train heading their ways because of their anger and hate for one another. Religion and governments have always kept us at one another’s throats and those in control know how to push the right buttons to keep the flames of racism ,hate and anger going. I am a highly developed spiritual person but as I have said before I am a realist to. And what I see happening is only getting worse not better. Tie lines have been changed but if humans continue on the way they are mankind will not see the possible future we can have they will continue on down the same road that has destroyed many civilizations that were here before us. Learn to separate yourself emotionally from what is going on and take a good look at whats going on and where we are heading. I don’t care what your belief may be… What I care about is the survival of our future generations. And if you want to argue about what I am saying here then your part of the problem! Wake up humans your killing yourself and your future generations. Stop think and look around. The time to make any type of change is seriously growing short.

And if your into Jesus then you had better wake up because Jesus hated religions and he would never wanted anyone to worship him. He just wanted people to wake up to what was happening to society and the world during his time. He gave people a road map to travel and free themselves. God is in all things great and small. God is the energy and giver of life. God is part of you and you are part of god. We are designed to become if you will gods ourselves.

Time to wake up and smell the roses humanity doesn’t have much time left if we continue heading in the directions we are right now. But things can change It is all up to us and our ACTIONS not our words. Stop hating those who are different than you and quit using your out date religious views to condemn others! Killing and hate do nothing but bred more killing and hate. Not much time left folks better wake up!

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