How Close Are We Really?

Are we headed for a nuclear conflict? If we are can we stop it? Facts are those in control are master at the game of political chess and they know how and what to do to push us closer and closer to the inevitable, Nuclear War… 

Listen and Learn 🙂

I have seen in my visions this action take place. The only way to stop it is by our global community to stand up and walk away from war altogether We need to focus our heart and minds on building a better future not continue to plan for a nuclear war. But is all reality if things keep going the way they are that might be something that is almost impossible to stop. Facts are there will be a limited conflict using tactical nuclear weapons for sure. It depends on what our leaders do once this takes place. Mark my words…. 

We can be as spiritual as we want as individuals but the minds of those who are to push the buttons are the only ones who could stop the unthinkable…It is what it is…

I post this as an educational. According the the scientists dooms day clock we are now at 3 minutes to midnight…

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