“Ceremony And Its Goal and Effects On Us”

“What Is Ceremony?”

 Those of us who are in the business of helping others heal and become better people want to help them understand that ceremony, or as I call it personal ceremony, is very important. But what is it really?

Ceremony has been around for thousands of years in many different forms and no matter what the ceremony is about… It’s been designed to take the individual and focus their mind, body and soul towards a particular goal. Through ceremony we learn to focus our minds and thoughts to reach a particular state of mind and being. Shamans for thousands of years have taught their students different ceremonies to reach certain goals in their lives. Normally the goal is to become one with ones self and the spirit. But we use ceremony every day of our lives whether we realize it or not. Our everyday routines are forms of ritual. 

These rituals help us move forward in our lives as long as they, shall we say, are good rituals. Negative rituals are the ones that stop us from being happy and stop us from forward movement within our lives.  As we look around us at the world we can see that few people have the rituals they need to make life better for themselves. 

But this can change… all it takes is for them to realize the toxic aspects of their lives and their will and desire  to change.  I am not talking about wanting to half-ass change. I am talking about really wanting to change.  A simple daily ceremony that one can do is to look into their mirror of life and create a mantra they can use daily when waking up. 

A ceremony can be as simple as lighting a candle and sitting quietly relaxing while you stare into the candle flame letting go the stresses of the day. Rites of passage is another type of ceremony that one goes through to become a man or woman in tribal beliefs. Once a person goes through this ceremony they are accepted into the tribe as an adult. They are no longer a child or just a teenager. From this point on they are held completely responsible for their actions and status within their community. I feel this is what is missing from most of modern western society today. 

A vision quest is another type of ceremony where one goes out and seeks a vision for themselves to answer questions they have about themselves and their life. Ceremony has the capability to literally transcend our normal based realities and step into alternative understandings and realities that we can interact with at the spiritual levels. 

Facts are, most people seldom think about themselves in the sense that there are two sides to us. The physical and the spiritual, or energy, aspect our of ourselves. We spend, for the most part, 90% or more of our time dealing and worrying about the physical. In all reality we need to learn to spend equal time working on the spiritual and energy aspects of ourselves because  this is the place where change first takes place. Ceremony has a way of helping us do this. If we create a daily personal ceremony or ritual and use it everyday it can make a tremendous differance in a persons life. I know. I do it every day. Mine are in the morning and the evening; a short time before I go to bed. During the day my afternoon ritual or ceremony is to meditate on my breathing and centering myself. I do this for 15 to 30 minutes. 

Using ceremony one can quickly learn how to become an observer in life. At this level you are not connected emotionally to the events around you daily. You put your emotions in check and simply observe the situation logically as well as intuitively.  So as you can see ceremony is very important in our lives but we seldom use it for the most part because we have been taught not to.

So here’s the catch to this article. I challenge you to create one daily ritual you can use or say every single day that means something to you. Something that will strengthen your mind, body and spirit. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and concentrating on it while reciting a special phrase you have come up with that helps you to concentrate more; or looking into your own eyes in the mirror every morning saying a positive Mantra you have come up with that will give that positive kick start for the day. It’s up to you to figure that out… So grab a pencil and a piece of paper and come up with a daily mantra that fits you. Find one that you can relate to and use it every single day  and watch how something so simple can and will change your life in many ways. Create your own ritual that you feel good with and make sure you can feel it empower you as you say and do it. Simplicity is the key here. The power of simplicity has created whole new realities for many. 

So if you want change in your life this is how you begin. Get rid of old patterns and thoughts simply by replacing them with new positive action ones. I hope you have enjoyed your read.

I want you to “Live long and definately prosper! “

“Have a Great Day!”

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