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Ever wonder what time has in store for you. The subtle changes in time for the most part go unnoticed. But now the changes are noticeable even to the average person. Why? It’s because they have to make more adjustments each time someone tries to do a correction to prevent some events from happening or allowing an event to happen. Every time this is done it creates not only time ripples but totally new time lines as well which also effects other time lines as well. And as for the Grandfather Effect, in all reality it doesn’t exist. I know people will argue about it but facts are, it really doesn’t exist. As soon as you go back into time you are creating a totally new time line separate from the original. Time is like an ocean wave when you change it. And time never travels at a constant speed as well… it varies depending on the individual or situation. One thing is for sure those individuals who control time has no set time period in which they live in. They exist where and when they want. In the future people will find out that those who are working and controlling things from behind the scenes have been using time to change small facts in history for quite some time now. But the curtain of the great Oz is deteriorating and starting to slowly falling apart.  At times we are able to see the Matrix at work. People are beginning to see what can’t be seen and know what can’t be known because of their personal and spiritual evolutions.

Have time lines been changed? Yes… They have been changed several times now. When I was young we were told that one day those who are in control would have this ability and then it would be up to the Shamans and those who have learned how to interact with time to set things straight. Maybe that time is now… But first one has to understand that time is a concept man has created and there is only the now in which to live. Therefore, since you have created it you have control over it … Think about it and learn to use it as you need to. It’s up to you to chose the time line you wish to live on. The best time machine you have at your disposal is your mind and spirit. Use them wisely. 🙂

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