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A celebration of health, Whitecrow’s Feeling Good Flower Tea delivers sweetness in a blend of fruits and blossoms! With the spirit-lifting presence of oatstraw, this earthy infusion is accompanied by a majestic fragrance. The signature aroma of chamomile is matched by the robust smell of roses, and both are boosted by the bouquet of citrus zest! A colorful herbal, Feeling Good Flower Tea finishes with the lively scent of lavender. This is a great tea to have after a very stressful day. Whitecrow’s Feeling Good Flower Tea will help you to relax for a good nights sleep.

Oatstraw – It has been found to helpful with lowering cholesterol, increasing of vigor and stamina. It can be used in combating obesity and vericose veins. Has also been useful for the treatment of diabetes.

Chamomile – Health benefits include the treatment of cuts and wounds, diabetes, calming muscle spasms, soothing stomach aches, promoting sleep, fights cancer, treats hemorrhoids, and healthy skin.

Lavender – Helps in comforting bloating due to bad digestion, It is also very relaxing.

Roses – Contain a large amount of vitamin C as well as a number of different antioxidants. The polyphenals are very beneficial in repairing cellular damage and protects against serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Rose tea is useful in easing menstrual cramps, sore throat, and helps to build the immune system.

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