tea filter sock

With our tea filter ‘sock’ you can brew tea to any strength, flavor, and aroma. These allow for large blends of botanicals to be brewed
and to expand for the perfect infusion of loose herbs, spices or teas. A tea sock makes it easy to remove the infused leaves, and cleanup is easy, too.

To use, all you have to do is to place the large cotton tea infusion sock into a warmed teapot.

Place loose cut and sifted leaf, bark, root and/or seed into the tea sock.

Pour boiling water over botanicals that you have placed inside of the sock.
Cover in the pot with a good lid to maintain optimal heat during infusion.This also keeps all the active ingredients of the herbs from dissipating.
After the infusion time, remove from the sock from the pot.

Care Instructions

Empty the sock once it has cooled.
1. DO NOT BLEACH The tea sock do take on the tints of the variety of herbs, teas used with it. when it turns a lovely brown shade from tea stains. This is a natural seasoning process.
2. NEVER WASH WITH SOAP (and certainly not with any chemical)
• After emptying, completely rinse with warm tap water.

Hanging to air dry (sunlight provides an extra freshening effect)

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