WhiteCrow’s Hibiscus Zest Tea

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WhiteCrow’s Hibiscus Zest brings the best of the citrus spectrum with floral and medicinal herbs in tow! This potpourri of colors and flavors brews a vibrant red cup and creates an atmosphere of restful pleasure. With the aroma of Lavender to purify the mind and Hibiscus blossoms to cleanse the body, the infusion overflows with the subtle magic of Cloves and Licorice Root. Enjoy this herbal offering from the garden any time of the day!

Hibiscus is great for speeding up the metabolism which aids in weight loss. It is also good for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. Has been found useful cures for liver disease and some types of cancer.

Lavender is a great mood stabilizer as well as an herb that can help you to relax. Can be great for indigestion as well as anxiety.

Licorice root is good for lots of different things such as depression, inflammation, headaches, asthma, chronic fatigue, fungal infections, yeast infections, ulcers and sore throats.

Cloves are often used for tooth pain and inflammation. It is used in many preparations as an anesthetic and pain reliever, especially for various mouth, gum and tooth issues. Cloves contain manganese, vitamin K, iron,magnesium and calcium.

Having a cup of this healthy tea at any time of the day will keep you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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