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WHITECROW’S DREAM TEA  is a relaxing blend of Chamomile,Catnip, Skullcap, Oatstraw, Calendula and Linden flowers. Each one of these herbs has qualities that help you relax and aids in reducing stress and anxiety. Oatstraw is rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals and aids in a restful sleep, Linden flowers improve the immune system and is also very calming which helps in eliminating anxiety. The sweet mint flavors of catnip and skullcap help in giving this tea a soothing and smooth flavor. It is also great to use if you are sick since the catnip has soothing properties for the stomach. Catnip also increases perspiration which can help infections in the body to leave faster. Both of these are also great relaxing herbs that adds to the  relaxing quality of this tea. The combination of chamomile which is known for its relaxing properties and calendula which has a sweet spicy flavor creates a fruity aroma and flavor that will leave you feeling relaxed and comforted.This tea is great for you to use when you aren’t feeling well since it is not only relaxing, but can also help to improve your immune system and rid you of infections. Sweet Dreams!

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