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Whitecrow’s Cinnamon Apricot tea is a fruity caffeine free drink that is lightly dusted with cinnamon chips and blended perfectly with marigold petals. Diced apricot pieces brings added vitamins and minerals to this already warm and soothing nutritious tea. Makes for a refreshing warm tea as well as iced in the summer or any time of the year.

Looking for a new summer iced drink that is not full of sugar and artificial flavors? This is Cinnamon Apricot Tea is not only packed with vitamin C from the apricots, but  the cinnamon has loads of benefits as well. Known for it ability to treat colds, stomach ailments, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite, cinnamon  has also been helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and lowering blood sugar in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Beats drinking the usual high calorie and sugar filled, or artificially sweetened, drinks. You can rest assured that your kids will be a lot healthier by drinking this than their usual sweetened drinks. If you need to add sweetener then just mix in some honey or a little bit of stevia for a healthy and refreshing summer drink.

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