Are You Hanging With Turkeys?

Facts are that one of the main reasons people fail in their attempts to better themselves is because of those they associate with during their normal daily routines. I have been working with people for well over 40 years and the one thing I have learned is that there are a lot of arm chair Psychologist and Business Experts These are the people who are the first ones to give advice and the last ones to take it. The will seem to be experts in their chosen field but fail to show you physically right here in the real world the fruits of their labors. These people may have what seems to be the right answers to you at first but by simply stepping back and seeing if they themselves are following their own advice then you need to walk away form them and their advice. But be ready one you do thing then you will see their other side and all of a sudden you will here,,, Oh you can’t do it that way or your not smart enough to figure that out it will take and expert and your not it… Or here’s a good one… You don’t have to money or the time to do that your just not going to be able to pull it off…

I don’t know about you but when others say this then you can bank on me doing one thing accomplishing what they said I couldn’t do! These are the guys and women we call turkeys. If they are not the experts then your going to fail as far as they are concerned.. The good thing is these people are easy to recognize and deal with simply smile at them nod your head and say maybe your right and simply get on with what you need to do. You have to be careful of these people because they can bring you down emotionally as well when you least expect it. And when you are growing it is important to find those around you who have similar ideas who are also taking the actions to succeed were all the others fail. You see your the type of person who is willing to believe that you can do what ever it is you need to do to succeed in life. While all the others set around and talk the talk your going to be walking the walk which the others fail to do. All talk and no action!

These people quickly become acquaintances and over time you slowly distance yourself from them simply because your not on the same path as they are. Your making progress while the are still setting there going stagnate. You don’t have to be an ass towards them you just have to realize that some people no matter what they say they are going to do are always going to be planning to plan. Meaning their lives never get past the planning stage. Don’t let this be you. Once you make a plan see to it you do it! Why because failure no longer exist in your life.

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