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Well facts are facts and the illnesses and viral problems I have talked about for over the last 20 years has finally come into being. We are now watching as these new viruses and bacterial infections enter the U.S faster than ever. I have always said I would keep you up to date on all of these new thongs coming into our country and boy what a ride we are getting ready to take when it comes to new illnesses entering our country. Below are the things right now we have to be careful of in everyway. Most things have no vaccinations against them so be careful out there and take the steps to make sure your home is protected against the insects that carry these new illnesses.


Research the above illnesses and prepare for the summer months because this is when these illnesses will skyrocket within our boarders. It is what it is. Prepared to keep your long sleeve shirts on with plenty of insect spray that will kill of the  insects and other things that can bring these things into your home. Remember my saying… Don’t be scared just get prepared!

Teach your children about these things so they can grow up knowing about these things and what they can do to protect themselves for them!

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