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They Say Its Out of Control Now!

This methane release is a serious problem in every way. The areas surrounding this disaster is dying and leaving the area completely. Even the coyotes have left the area completely. …

More on the Massive Methane Gas Leak in California Right Now!

This is something that is worse than they tell you once again! This is a worse case scenario scientist are saying now. This is also the largest accident in history …

Global Virus Movement into the U.S. !

What’s Happening Right Now? Well facts are facts and the illnesses and viral problems I have talked about for over the last 20 years has finally come into being. We …

“Methane”…The Truth About What Really Going On!

This is pretty much what’s really happening right now with us and our planet…

Methane Releases Globally Are Now Out Of Hand!

Have we gone to far already? Dane Wigington is a friend of mine and one of the best researchers there is when it comes to this situation and his information …

“No More Excuses!”

“Learn To Leave The Matrix!” If you going to grow then grow if your going to die then get on with it at last do something. Its the only way …

Methane Disaster Heading Our Way!

Not only do we have two man made methane disasters one in California and one in Colorado but we have a massive global melt off of the oceans methane hydrates.ย And …

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