Day before blood moon Taken by cousin Richard
Cancer Full Moon December 25th 2015

Hello my dear friends of Astrology, Chiron speaks to you:
  You experience consciousness expansion during the Winter Solstice because
you channel a much larger flow of the electromagnetic pulse of life into
your conscious awareness. To better accept this increase of Cosmic energetic
influx, quiet your body, quiet your breath, change your perspective. There’s
a  geometric, orbital dance which the Lights and Planets perform which is
constantly changing… this lovely activity is co-incidental.  As above, so
below. Pay attention to the dance…
There’s a peak experience which relates to each individual Lunar cycle* at
its half way point… the Full Moon. This month the full Moon is on Dec 25th
at 3 degrees Cancer. This Full Moon occurs when the Cancer Moon exactly
opposes the Capricorn Sun. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity deals with the
balance between the private life, domesticity, the need for a home base, and
nurturing (represented by Cancer) versus the public life, career,
reputation, responsibility and accountability (represented by Sun in
Capricorn). How delightful! This happens on Christmas day! No matter your
mindset on religion, this year the holiday is about home, family and
inspired joy.
At this Cancer Full Moon we reap the results of the intentional work done at
the previous Sagittarius New Moon lunation.  Sagittarius inspiration will be
fulfilled with an emotional Cancer experience which becomes more and more
apparent up to and during the Full Moon on Friday.  Focus will be on your
home and family. So strong is the emphasis on home and hearth that you may
even be finishing up your career work at home or actually completing home
projects which have been previously planned. Cancer is a cardinal sign,
active, industrious, and dynamic. Since the Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and
Solstice holidays are all home and family oriented, this Cancer influence
may make possible the emotionally meaningful family holiday experiences you
have always craved, but were unable to enjoy before. Personally store away
everything needed for domestic safety like a squirrel, eradicate worry and
fear, nurture the family and make all feel loved.
Because of proximity to the Winter Solstice, a well-known energy vortex, on
December 21st,  the Cancer Full Moon is stronger and more enterprising. If
you work at home, you may be more industrious and your work may bear more
fertile fruit.
Another important energetic drama which will unfold on December 25th comes
from planet Uranus “the Awakener”,  it will be stationary and unmoving just
before it goes direct from our perspective on Earth, but Uranus is
powerfully resonant and at its most vigorous on Christmas day.
Uranus in action can make for a bumpy, surprising, and unexpected holiday
experience.  It can help to create an exciting, electric and psychically
aware difference to this year’s celebrations. Uranus’ energy will help you
be more mindful, become free of what binds, to escape or rebel by  going
home, staying home, or developing a different relationship to “home”.
No matter your religious connotation, this time of year is about the RETURN
OF THE LIGHT. There will be growing awareness, increased inspiration, more
consciousness and more soul-centered meaningfulness in regard to your
experience of how your life centers around what you understand and describe
as home.
Blessings to you, your family and your safe, loving and secure home for this
holiday season.
Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings
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