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Scorpio New Moon 11/11/15

When the Moon is in Scorpio, the transformative powers of the sign are
strong.  Intense psychological and emotional realizations are possible.
These realizations strengthen our resolve to be the best possible version of
ourselves, raise our vibration and shed, transform or heal all stuck,
stagnant, and outgrown habits which block the flow of our health, vitality
and power.
At the Scorpio New Moon 11/11/15 the conjunction of Moon, Sun and Mercury
signifies the start of a process of realization  implemented by the
situations you’ll face this Lunar month which trigger your psyche at its
deepest psychological levels to react with profound emotions. This is the
Moon’s function. Generally, these deep levels of emotional response are kept
buried. It’s painful to face the dark, dense, suffering parts of ourselves
or of others.  Through these psychological complications which are ruled by
Scorpio, we identify and confront the useless, rotten, diseased and
poisonous energies which must be eliminated. They weigh us down and do not
serve us.  The Sun and Moon together in this sign signifies that there will
be an illumination to accompany the experience of intense feelings and
psychologically complicated situations.
At the Scorpio New Moon and during the Lunar month to follow, we can
identify and purge the density energy; rebirth and renewal are possible. The
new Moon is the beginning of a Lunar month and a new pattern of emotional
involvement can be started now by  dealing  with some intense emotions
and/or complicated psychological issues.    Scorpio’s potential for
psychological intensity and deep introspection will strengthen your
intention to consciously change your focus. You can reroute the
self-oriented or self-indulgent desires which have caused you to cut
yourself off from love, awareness, serenity, understanding a connection with
Intense psychological and emotional realizations are possible in quiet
depths of the Dark of the  Moon.  We can plumb these depths of the Cave of
our Shadow to explore our shadow self, the dark or negative manifestations
of our character which we dislike, could be ashamed of or want to disown.
These traits can be marked for intentional elimination at this new Moon.
They do not serve us or our loving relationships. Remember that Scorpio
rules that which is useless, rotten, diseased, poisonous and must be purged
in order to facilitate our rebirth and transformation. Only after expulsion
of the dense emotional matter, is this rebirth and renewal possible.
Location of the transiting New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio in your birth
chart will signal where you will notice an intense, emotional New Moon
experience pointing to where in your life dark, toxic feelings, compulsions
and memories are buried. This dense, stuck energy can be accessed, purged
and transformed using the deep psychological exploration available at the
Dark of the Moon. Once the dense energy is identified and named it can be
released.  The heightened emotional receptivity of water sign Scorpio helps
us align with Spirit to transform dis-ease into health as we rise up out of
the ashes and surrender old, stuck energy for the regeneration of  health.
The intention to eliminate this density and to bask in the light of love and
healing is stronger and more available at the New Moon. With the power of
spirit we are all self-healing.
Mars rules Scorpio and Mars is critical at 29 degrees Virgo, the last degree
of the sign of health and healing. Critical events will conspire to help us
to ride this wave of change; purge and heal the Shadow and propel us towards
the Light of self-awareness. The Yod or Finger of God aspect involving the
New Moon, Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus in Aries
further points toward the area of your life slated for an explosion of
self-awareness from  the Awakener, Uranus at 17 degrees of Aries.
Tune your heart and soul to Divine harmony at this  complicated but lovely
portal period.  Align with your highest intentions and open the door of your
soul to the angelic stellar archetypes of  11:11 which brings intensified
awareness and  inspiration guiding  humanity to increased  peace, serenity
and healing. Re-member all your loftiest dreams of joy, acceptance and
fulfillment at this Scorpio New Moon and establish them firmly upon your
Astrologically Yours, Sandra Jennings

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