“Winter Readiness!”

Well here it is fall and we’re on our way to full fledged winter. For me I love this time of year! The leaves fall off the trees, the rains begin to make everything green once again, and the snow comes and begins to accumulate on the mountain tops around our area. The cooler temperatures begin to send the bears and other critters into hibernation and the deer begin to come in closer looking for food at lower elevations here.

Its a wonderful time of year. But at the same time its a time to store foods, cut fire woods and make sure the vehicles have the antifreeze they need and if you have animals or livestock its time to make sure their food supplies are ready just incase things get colder and wetter than normal. And with the largest El Nino ever recorded on record heading our way it time to make sure all of those winter chores and things we normally do should now be done a little early. It just the way it is in the outback no matter where you live. Make sure you chicken house is weather proof and also make sure the other areas that need to be weather proofed area. Also if your in drier areas make sure you set up you water collection tanks. We do this every year and during the drier parts of the season we have back up water just in case. And when fire season comes that’s good to have. But even in winter this water can come in handy. Lets say your water lines freeze and you can’t get flowing water into your house you simple go out side and open your barrel of freshly collected water and fill up a few buckets for your needs and whala! Your in business. We have had to do this before in extreme weather conditions before. So get yourselves ready because this could be one hell of a winter for us all.

I hope and pray you all have the best Holiday Season Every and May the Great Spirit Always Watch Over You and Yours!


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