Where Are We Headed… What Does Our Future Look Like?

I have been alive for quite some time and what has always amazed me was the pace at which technology grew from the 1800’s right on up till now. “It truly is amazing.” We grew by leaps and bounds from the creation of the wheel to the steam engine; right on up to our high tech spacecraft that are right now traveling to other planets across our solar system and beyond! Think about that.

We have developed faster than any other living thing on this planet. My question is why? But that’s another article :).  The one thing we never thought of was the impact we and our developing technologies would have on us, the planet and the environment around us. Well, as we all know, that has come full circle and is affecting us in ways even our scientists never thought of. So here we are now with our planetary weather patterns changing faster than ever; massive droughts that have created mass migrations of animals and people out of these areas and into others. And now we are finding out that our Atlantic Ocean’s global circulation system is slowing down as well. This in itself can quickly throw us right into an Ice Age, some say. Either way, things are changing and they are changing faster than ever before in recorded history.

So what is the future going to be like? What do we really have to look forward to in the not too distant future? Well let’s start with the fact as there are, right now, things we know are going to continue without a doubt.


Population Growth – As far as the population of the planet, it is going to continue to grow as it is right now. And at around 7.3 billion people; 8 billion is just around the corner. So population increase is a given and scientists say our need for more and more natural resources are going to increase ten fold by the time we reach the 9 billion mark…

 Global Health: As of right now almost every single illness on the planet is increasing. Many sickness and illnesses/ diseases are beginning to migrate into new areas where they have never been found before. And for the populations that have never been exposed to these new viruses and bacteria the chances of fast-paced pandemics are high possibilities. These people’s immune systems are not ready for things they never have had before and they have no way to defend against many of the now spreading fevers and other illnesses. So it would be kind of like when the American Natives were given blankets that were contaminated with European illnesses and diseases which the Native peoples of America had no natural immune defense against. So many died off very quickly; entire tribes! Also many of the once cured diseases are now coming back, only now they are immune to the antibiotics we used to use to keep them in check! Now we have to use more powerful antibiotics and some of these antibiotics can harm the body as well.  Scientists are now saying that eventually all viruses and bacterium will get used to the antibiotics we are using today. We are creating newer more deadly things that are getting used to everything we have to stop them with.  With the onslaught of radiations we are receiving from several different sources around the planet even our planet’s sea life is being affected in some very negative ways. As most know the Pacific sea life seems to be dying off in very large unprecedented numbers as well. Cancers are on the rise with no end in sight they say. Immune problems are becoming the norm now and autism, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases are now taking their toll in larger and larger numbers as well. Our food products contain GMO’s which have been proven to cause many health problems in people across the planet. Countries and now beginning to ban them, finally! Also our foods are full of genetic altering pesticides as well. That’s why the big push for organic food now.


Planetary Resources: Right now we are literally coming to a peak when it comes to the harvesting of many of the natural resources we need to live our lives in the fashion and ways we do. Our ideas of living a balanced life has been blown totally out of proportion. Planned obsolescence is the name of the game when it comes to products now and our attitudes on mass consumption have to change or the end results will be devastating in every way you can think of. As of the last three years, the growing regions of the planet could not grow enough food for the total population of the planet. Now stop and think about that for a minute. If we didn’t grow enough food for everyone then that means we are beginning to use up our food reserves as well. Because we have had to supplement the planet’s food need with what we have had stored; these reserves are dwindling fast. I have done the research and this is happening big time right now in the U.S. let alone what is happening across the rest of the planet. Also because of our planet’s quickly changing atmosphere and weather patterns our normal food growing regions are changing and changing quickly. A lot of our growing areas are being burnt out because of over fertilizing and we can’t afford that. Our agricultural methods have to change, They are way too wasteful of water and land resources. Our fisheries are saying that we have almost fished out all of the normal areas we usually get our fish and other sea food supplies from. Scientists are now saying that we have fished out around 90% of all sea life food stocks we have been using as food! 90% WOW! And we haven’t even talked about the sea life contamination from the Fukushima disaster. Radiation to this very day is still leaking very large amounts of radioactive water waste into the Pacific Basin every single day and it’s not going to be stopped any time soon.  Some scientists say it could be fifty years before anything is really done to stop the flow of this highly radioactive water into the oceans of our world. Sea life in the Pacific are continually accumulating more and more radiation simply because of the bio-accumulation cycle they are living in. Also many of the resources we need to keep society going as it is right now are getting harder and harder to get.

cloudy seas 2

And we haven’t even talked about our planetary water problem either. Most of the fresh water aquifers we have right now are being drained and polluted at unprecedented levels. And now some sources are saying they want to privatize water. This is not a good situation for anyone in the future. Big corporations are doing this in several areas of the world and the local economies of the regions are being devastated. Corporations like Nestles are huge contributors to this type of problems. In these regions the poor are the ones who are paying the price.


Our Atmosphere: As far as our atmosphere goes we are going through some very serious changes indeed. Everything from our ozone layer to our mesosphere is changing and many scientists are saying that our atmosphere is beginning to thin out. Our planetary magnetic field is weakening and in some areas even flight paths of commercial aircraft are being rerouted because of the dangers of solar radiation at higher altitudes. Oxygen levels are also beginning to drop as well; only small amounts mind you, but it is happening. In some areas of the world, like China, the air is so polluted people are dying from it. Right now global weather patterns are changing so fast that even the scientists can’t keep up with what is going on. Their projections for the future show stronger super storms and massive drought all across the central latitudes of the planet. This in turn will and is forcing humans to rethink their growing regions and agricultural methods.. The CO2 content as well as other greenhouse gases, like methane, are increasing faster and faster and methane is many times more destructive to our atmosphere than CO2. And with the global methane hydrate melt off we are seeing right now things don’t look too good  for future atmospheric conditions. No matter what anyone says, our atmosphere is changing and changing quicker than ever expected as well.


Our Societies: As for human society we are growing way to large for the planetary system. We are going to have to do something and fast. Our actions as a species have changed things on our planet so much we can not only see the difference now but we can feel the difference as well.  We as a species have become the largest consumer of natural resources this planet has ever know and it seems there is no end in sight at this point. We have cut down entire forest and jungle areas; literally changing the face of the landscape as we harvested everything we could from every corner of this planet which, by the way, is the only home we have. We have mined, fished, clear cut forests and jungles, created dams, changed the course of rivers, and drained swamp and other wet land habitats that the wildlife needs to survive. And we have done this for hundreds of years and now we are seeing everything from mass wildlife die off and extinctions of many of the animal species I grew up with. And it seems we are still continuing along this path for the most part.


Right now our species is warring with one another on almost every continent on the planet and it seems that we are heading in the direction of a third world war which no one can really win. We are mass consumers of everything we can get our hands on and for the most part our warring ways are destroying us at every level. The question is… how much longer can we continue this before we finally make the final mistake and destroy everything we have ever worked for? And my dear friends we are so close to that right now that almost every single scientist out there that is worth a grain of salt are saying we might have 100 years left unless we make some big changes and we need to do it right now… not later. So the decision is ours! What do we  do now? Keep letting things continue the way they are or speak up and become active when it comes to forcing our politicians to finally do what is right? People are waking up… but we still have a long way to go. Act now before you can’t later…

No matter what anyone say’s it is very obvious that things are changing and changing fast! And the only way we can change the things that need to be changed is by making a personal decision not to support any programs that will cause more harm to our one and only home the Earth. We have everything from GEO Engineering, De forestation and war just to name a few and all have to stop in order to save what is left of what we have. It is no longer a question of if it is a question of when the final straw will be placed upon the camels back?


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