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“Largest El Nino Ever Recorded In Recorded History!”

As soon as I seen the early report on this towards the ending of last year I knew with out a doubt that this was going to be the one. There is a lot of factors taking place here. The changing of the jet stream being one of those factors. Breaking all previous record from 1997-8 and already wreaking havoc on weather patterns around the world, the new figures mean those effects will probably get worse. The El Niño of 1997-8  killed 20,000 people and caused almost $97 billion of damage as floods, droughts, fires, cyclones and mudslides around the planet.

The temperatures in the central Pacific have always had the biggest impact on global atmospheric circulation, and therefore the biggest impacts on global weather period. And as you know the changes that have been taking place in the pacific basin have been pretty staggering to say the least. Mass die off are also continuing all over the place. The last count more than 300 whales had beached them selves up a tributary river in Chile. This is now becoming the norm instead of the exception. extreme impacts from El Niño’s will double in frequency this century as a result of climate change.

It has been shown that climate change will definitely amplify the way El Niño redistributes its rainfall making droughts and floods worse every where. And we have seen this come for a while.  in some Pacific Islands the water levels have dropped so much that the coral reefs are being exposed and this only happens during extreme El Niño events. And yes coral bleaching is increasing across the entire planet.Many of the El Nino effects have yet to come. Whether it will bring much needed rains to California and relieve the drought or whether it will cause floods and land slides which will create more havoc in areas that are not prepared for massive amounts of rain fall.

So my advice to everyone is prepare and get ready for what could possibly be heading your way. Look at your weather patterns and talk to the older people who have lived in your area for long periods of time and they might b able to tell you what thing might go wrong in your areas like rivers over flowing, landslide areas and more. If your living down stream from any earthen damb have your evacuation plans in order just in case. Store food, emergency lighting and other supplies you might need. When it snowed in our area one year we were snowed in and if it wasn’t fore us being prepared we would have h a hard time. But instead of freezing and panicking we were warm and cozy and had everything we needed to weather it out for over a week. It was great to know we had planed right. We Thrived instead of survived in the worst ofg conditions. And we had extra family and friends at the house when everything when white!

Now the question are you ready for the possibility of some serious rain and snow amounts in your area. Plan now and don’t be one of those who are always planning to prepare but never really prepared.

Be one of the few… Be ready mentally and personally cause you never know when shit is going to hit mother nature wise now!

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