From Chernobyl To Fukushima

How Long Can It Go On?

With the invention of the nuclear reactor came a price… And that price is now beginning to be exact it due shall we say from us and our environment. First is was the Chernobyl accident and now it has been the Fukushima disaster that is still pouring thousands of gallons of radioactive water and waste into the Pacific Basin Daily! The environment in both cases became contaminated with radiation and the reindeer population in Sweden was decimated and only now is beginning to recover. Now we know that the fukushima disaster has poisoned the sea life of the pacific ocean and because of this we have had major massive die offs of many different types of sea life we depend on as a food source. Illnesses that normally never bothered them before are now decimating populations of star fish, sea lions, plankton, and more. Migrational routs are changing faster than scientist can keep up with. But the radiation bio accumulation we are seeing  in the life within the pacific basin is rising with at this time anyway no end in sight.

My question is simple… How much is to much. I think we are at the threshold right now. The environment can only absorb so much before it can’t filter everything out anymore and it becomes over whelmed. And we have to ask also has the heat from this radiation free flowing into the pacific helping heat the oceans water quicker? We know or sure it has weakened all sea life’s immune systems this is why they are getting sick now So how long do we have?

The U.S has risen its acceptable radiation limits again! Why? They know anything over the old levels were dangerous. The cover up goes very deep and as you know the main stream media won’t touch this subject with a ten foot pole.

Why do they want to keep us in the dark? Do they even carte about you and I and our future generations. Its seems the answer to this question is no… So that leaves it up to us. So educate yourselves on how to filter your homes incoming air, water.

The radiation that is already in the atmosphere from all the 2000 something nuclear weapons already tested plus the radiation s from these two power planet failures are go to continue to effect us and the environment far into the future. So be aware and be prepared for you never know which way the wind may blow….

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