Is the Pacific Dying Now?

This video I have put here because this is a top notch scientist who does the research and knows the facts. And right now today the radiation continues to flow into the Pacific Basin bring with it more and more radiation. And for the most part now days there is a total black out on the truth of the situation. Radiation has been hitting the west coast ever since the beginning. Private citizens are taking radiation measurements proving what the government monitors are saying is false and way below the reality of this situation.. And sea life is now dying in numbers never recorded or see before in recorded history! This situation is daily getting worse.

The reason these sicknesses are happening is because the bio accumulation of the fukushima accidents radiation. The sea life normally can fight off these illnesses and sickness as they normally do but not with weakened immune systems  from the daily radiation they are swimming through. Even though the scientists are saying oh the radiation count is low it is a well know scientific fact that all sea and animal life can accumulate radiation over time and it doesn’t go away. This is killing the Pacific Basin right now. I know fisherman with large fishing boats and they say they normally can catch their limit in 90 days. Now they say it take up to 7 months to do the same thing now! This video will help you understand more.



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