Many times I have talked anbout Break Away Societies and every time I get emails and other contacts saying that this is impossible. But once they understand exactly what that is they then quickly see it happening right now within all of the societies of the earth.

A Break Away Society is a group of people who have decided to break away from the normal society that most of us live in right now. I know because I am part of one as well you might be. Only you know that in most cases. Now I’m not talking about the Technologically advance break away civilizations we hear about dealing with the elites of the elite. What I am talking about are the smaller groups that are now quickly growing right now across the world.

These smaller groups of individuals and I mean that these groups can an do number in the thousand or hundred of thousands of members across even here in the United States. We have heard of the religious sector break always like the Mennonites and Quakers ect… but I am talking about non religious and more spiritual oriented groups which by the way most don’t even have a name. They just are what they are. People helping one another living a freer and more educated life style within the regular society we see everyday. Those of us who live within this new way of seeing things and thinking see the regular life most are living as The Box as we call it.

These break away inner shall we say societies and the individuals within them are highly educated, motivated, and willing to do what they have to do to step away and our of the normal Matrix of designed society. They have learned that because of the ways they live they are not affected in any way by the rules and regulations everyone else has to follow. The only way they are affected is shall we say through taxes and they accept that taxes on their property. But we deal with this and live on not letting anger kill the ultimate goal of these break away societies and this is exactly what they are.


This new societies ways of thinking allows them to see the world, regular society, religion and government, as well as life in general from a whole new perspective. You see we interact with regular society on our terms not societies terms and understandings.

These individuals have found that fine blend of old fashioned ways and modern technology that works not only for them but everyone in the long run including the planet. You see we have the understanding deep within us that the planet will always be here but we as a human species… are optional. We also take responsibility for our actions and do our best to step away from all polluting technologies in every possible way. Right now I know of personally thousands of individuals who have done this and are now doing in once they finally realized that the control mechanisms which have been being utilized for thousands of years through religion and government are nothing more than mental conditioning of the masses to do as they are told to do.

We have all be educated by the same system of education and religion and it is all fear based and one is never taught . how to become who they are not what they want you to be. These break always home school and educate their children in ways and standard school in the U.S could ever do. Their children grow up more rounded in their belief systems and education. Their ability to adapt is higher as well. These people may be your neighbors and friends but they are there and they are definitely growing in numbers. The individuals are more tribal or clannish in nature which in all reality how things should be. And these people most of all are very close to the planet. We are looking for ways to help the planet instead of letting the corporations of this world destroy what is left of our one and only home earth.

But we also understand that when the time come the is going to be an event and this even or combined events is going to become global and most of the cities and populations of this wonderful planet are going to go through some serious times as we will but they are not prepared spiritually, physically, emotionally, or any other way for what is to eventually come. These break away groups will survive and they will in time become the new beginnings of society once everything else has fallen away.

I am to old now at 61 to worry about the next new beginning of mankind. But there re those out there that understand that something big is heading our way and they are preparing them selves in everyway possible but at the same time they are not worried or afraid of what is to come as a matter of fact they welcome it. It will be a great cleansing for the human species and the planet as well. We have become the greatest resource consumers this planet has ever see and it can’t last forever. This is what these break away societies see and you know they are right aren’t they… 🙂

Facts are people have finally evolved to the point of actually seeing what is really going on and have decided to finally do something about it within theirs and their families lives. Small rural communities are also in larger numbers doing this as well and even setting up their own off grid communication and power systems and more. And its working! These break always are seeing that getting off the grid as being one of their biggest concerns.

As far as  being educated these individuals are some of the best informed people on the planet… Why … Because they continually take care of their bodies and the are also continually educating themselves in ways to protect them selves from the problems and illnesses of modern societies and most are against the forms of vaccines that are being given today by modern societies medical conglomerates. They understand what it is to be naturally as they say it healthy.

Well this is just the tip of the preverbal ice burg when it comes to these small break away groups and civilization within this society we look out our windows at everyday. You see we have to change thing now not later because if we keep heading in the direction’s we are heading in right now most of mankind won’t be around after then next one or two hundred some of the top most respected scientist are saying. And believe us when we say your religion isn’t going to save you from what is heading down the tracks towards us action will nothing more.

You see we see what is really happening …How? We don’t watch the news we do the research and find the truth and reality of what is really going on and hide from most of the main stream population. Its just the way it is… 🙂


Always remember that there can be peace in the middle of chaos. I’ve seen it…

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