Mass Human Migrations

This is the first time in history since the great Irish Potato Famine that we humans have been literally forced into another and even larger mass migration cycle. And that was due to basically a mini ice age event. But now we are facing something that is so large in scale its affecting the whole of the human race for the most part in the middle east and Europe. And its even affecting us right here at home thousands of miles away from where this great human migration is taking place. And this is due to our invention of mass transportation!

I said over 20 years ago this was going to happen during this time period. It was as plain as the nose on your face to me. Right now in the middle east we have ISIS the U.S, Iran, Russia, China, Israel, and all the other NATO Nation jockeying for their new power spot on the map. Right now the global powers are picking their nuclear power partners seemi9ng to get ready for that next battle we all hope would take place. power. Those countries that we use to call third world countries and now capable of some pretty serious political power because of their resources. So what  is really happening right now is a recourse war across the region and new future boarders are being drawn right now. So chaos has to reign and it has been created using race, religion and fear of the unknown. People can always work things out our palpitations can’t it seems.

Enjoy these videos because they are the WAVE of the future.

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