I have over the years watched as our politicians slowly started turning towards a direction that I knew over the long run would destroy the America I grew up knowing. The biggest contributor to this believe it or not is the main stream media which is as well all know those of us who are awake anyway is controlled. All of us Americans have watched as the truth is swept under the rug hoping we all would stay dumb and uninformed. But the problem is for those in control is that we Americans can think and we have finally seen past the agendas and programs that they have created to control us all more and more as time goes on. Facts are folks the elite are in full steam ahead mode simply because you are awake and this is what they fear. And educated well informed citizenry. The reason our planet is having so many wars is because this is how they control those around the for resources. No war we are fighting right now is for peace it is for control and resources. Do the research and as we say follow the money trail and you’ll understand the whole picture. What the elite depend on is the ten to 20 year forgetfulness plan. After a certain period of time and no media coverage most people tend to forget what the past has taught them. And when this happens the elite can continue on with their agendas and in many cases all they do is change the name of a project or o and everything is forgotten. I have had several elitist tell me this right to my face.

Now they are pushing the race card agenda which they tried to do in the 60’s and yes I remember it well. Thank god I knew the truth of things young. Does any of this crap they are throwing at us in the media really affect you. For the most part no but it keeps your mind off the things they don’t what you knowing or understanding. The militarization of our police forces was and is meant to intimidate the population of the U.S nothing more. Crime was never to the point of needing a grenade launcher and 50 caliber automatic weapons to make sure the population is safe they are their to make us fear them which in the long run only make the people more resistant to the police themselves. We are not Beruit or Lebanon but those in power are making it that way. But they make sure that they can send our children off to war for their vested agendas. Non of which are beneficial to or fore us the public.

Our politicians have seriously undermined America because the have monetary agendas at stake and not the wishes of the American people. They have truly forgotten who they are working for and now are trying to control us at every level from our finances to our rights. The so called president we have right now is only carrying out the original agendas of the Bush’s and others. Why because he is a part of it. The only reason he hasn’t be shot is because he is doing what they want him to do. Facts are facts.  Us regular Americans now understand that our government is un healthy not only for us but also our children’s futures. Everything evolves but not in a negative way like we are under the rule of our politicians. In America right now being politically correct has become the norm is Washington but as for the people we know that this whole charade over the muslim situation is going to fall apart. Why because we as American do not need our government to make sure our towns cities or anything else is safe. If we know and see a problem coming we should never call the law we should say fuck it and deal with it our selves now in mass. Its the only thing our government is afraid of right now and that is us standing up in mass saying no more! But the American people have also become weak in many areas. And the country is not one of these places. We hold onto our guns because its our legal constitutional right to .

Our fore fathers have warned us about the ruling class and they gave us these right because they know that one day people like the Bush’s and Obama would eventually come to office because of the money and power they had put together. So it seems that right now is the period of time our founding fathers were talking about. So now is the time to step up and speak up or for many of those who are simply whining little weasels Shut Up!. Our children deserve a better future and we as a people should ensure that even by using force if necessary.

Our government sponsored educational system is a total failure and government should get out of the education business period. We are around 26 or lower on the education scale in America and it is due to government sponsored program and stagnation. Our govern doesn’t respect or take care  veterans like they need to either. Its seems from proven history that what ever our government has touched I the last 20 year they have screwed up beyond recognition. So its up to us to step away from them and create a new society within this one. One they can’t control and by simply stepping away from all government programs you can step away from the Matrix of things. Home school your children, learn as much as you can about anything that can help you break free from any and all of their programs no matter  they are. I mean really people are even talking about banning more words because they might offend someone from a religious group who hate America.

WTF! These type of people have  no balls and the only good thing they can do for America and its people is leave America. And yes I mean you so called American who have been living here all your lives. Get some balls and stand up for your country or leave it! We have to go back to many of our ol school ways only then can we safety and positivity move forward into the future. I say its time for a rejuvenation for American pride all across America. Stand up for what is right and right now.  America is wrong in the way it is handling the global situation. Religion and race should not be an issue but we have weak ass individuals who want to blame everyone else for their problem and refuse to take responsibilities for their own actions. Pussies all of them black or white or any other color for that matter. Stand up, stand your ground and stay strong now. Real men and Women learn to put aside their difference to work together for a better future and we are not doing that in America today.  So are you ready for what is coming at us like a freight train? I hope so because all good Americans can see the train  coming at us at high speed and they have and are preparing . Are You? 🙂 You should just in case.  Times are going to get real different soon.


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