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In all my years as a healer and adviser, adventurer, researcher there has been only one thing that I have looked for under  everything I could find and that was  and still is the Truth. No matter what the truth is I seek it. Whether in dealing with our government, science, spiritualness, death, secret projects and more. I seek it. And by doing this daily for most all of my life I have actually found many truths and by doing so over time I learned to see the truth of all things… 🙂

You see once you get to this point of being able to see the truth of things you are able to spot the dramas of life and avoid them altogether. Here religion, government, politics, individual absorption into modern day electronic worlds of games and other media that captures the mind and over time conditions it to see things a certain way are a reality in this modern world.

Seeing the truth of things allows one total freedom of the mind and spirit. It allows you to, in a sense, step aside for a moment and see what is really going on within any particular situation whether it be a relationship, a life changing decision, or wanting to know more about who you really are.

Facts are my friends is this world isn’t the place you think it is. Societal conditioning has been on going for many generations. We have been taught how to work, eat, sleep, and yes even think! We are taught how to feel, see things, and yes even how to believe. But we all still think we are free thinkers. We are only free thinkers when we are able to step back away from the Created Matrix of things. It really isn’t as hard as one might think. And once you catch on how to do it life changes in ways that are much more beneficial to the individual and society as a whole.

Right now in our society we have those who are using everything from the race card to the religious persecution card to create tension between the masses. We have been taught through the mighty media  to hate, just as those of the, shall we say, opposite side are taught the same thing but from a different point of view. Teaching us to hate one another is one of the largest controlling factors of the Matrix. We have been taught for thousands of years to hate someone for one reason or another religiously, politically, racially, and even socially. They have tried for generations to separate us and they have succeeded in this even right up to this very second of this day… right here… right now.

But once you see and feel the truth inside your mind and soul then the illusion of what we call reality begins to flow and fade away into what it really is. You see the truths of what things are has always have been inside of us, all of us. The other abilities we have, have been suppressed by those who understand what happens when we awaken from our induced slumber. We become pretty much impossible to control while at the same time becoming individuals who will only use violence as a last resort. But make no mistake… we will use it if necessary. We quickly understand that for every action there is a reaction and we calculate that into everything we do so we can make sure each experience we seek has all positive results for everyone.


We understand that we can no longer support the systems in place right now and that new ones are going to have to evolve soon or the ones in charge right now will continue to let our societies gradually disintegrate into nothingness. If this happens only their societies will continue on only off planet. I see it this way. If you can’t control the population of a planet then you create a situation where the environment of said planet will diminish the planets resources to the point where it could only support so many. This would insure a mass die off of said population. Think about it. Each one of us now has to be an amateur scientist as well as highly developed spiritual and technical individuals.

The humans of old must progress to the next level of intelligence, understanding, and technology in order to get past the point we are in now. We can no longer spend our time and energies on useless projects as a species or as individuals. We need to think of the whole picture instead of infighting amongst ourselves. The infighting is what they want us to do. So we know we have to do the opposite in order to change the way things are. Become independent in every way from the systems of the Matrix. Why? Because soon it will fall to the way side like sifting the chaff from the wheat. So as you see, seeing the truth of things does only one thing. It calls you to action and personal dedication to the development of a separate society within the one we have right now! I call this a Break Away Society.  Some exist already. Time to learn how to release yourself from the confines and control of a Matrix that has control not only of you but all the previous generations and civilizations before you.

 We don’t really have much time but there is a light at the end of the tunnel as long as we wake up and take part in the rebuilding of an entire society and species one person at a time and with the technologies we have right now it can happen in a relatively short period of time. Welcome

This could be the face of our future but it can change! 🙂

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