What’s really coming our way? I have been asked this question for many years and the only thing I can truthfull say is this. Our one and only home is a changing and its changing fast the only question is… Are we going to be able to keep up with the changes that are happening right now and the changes that are going to hit us in the not to distant future.

With what is going on in the world right now I have to say that we as a species right now may be believe it or not are in the fight of our lives. The reason I am saying this is because of the scientific research that has been done across the planet and in every area of science on what is happening in reality right now to us and our planet. I remember when I was a young man listening to everyone talk about a future of high technology and freedoms we had never thought of. I remember how people talked about how nations would get along and the threat of war could be cast away forever because we as a species would grow technically and spiritually to the point of not needing war because we would figure everything out and the future medicines they talked about then would cure pretty much all diseases and none of us would really need money because our technologies and science would make it simply obsolete. And that was around 61 years ago.

But in all reality we have totally gone the other direction and because of our massive need for more and more products to consume and use we have placed ourselves in a very precarious position. And right now we have to stop and for the first time in human history make the decision to either continue on the way we are which in turn will guarantee our eventual extinction within the next 100 years or so or do we knock the crap off and do hat we need to do to help ourselves the planet and try our dambedest to make sure our next generation will be able to have a sustainable planetary environment to live in . We can no longer wait for our politicians to make decisions for us this is what got us in the problems we are in right now, The facts are our wildlife all across the planet are dying of in record numbers never seen before in recorded history, Our pacific basins sea life is now dying off so fast that scientist are now declaring the west coast from Alaska, Canada, to Mexico a dead or dying zone. Many are calling it an oceanic desert because of the lack of sea life. And this all started big time with the Fukushima Accident in Japan. But this is the only problem we have the methane deposits of the world are thawing out and beginning to release their deadly green house gases into the atmosphere right now as we speak. This gas is 20 time worse than CO2! Facts are folks scientist and many new research studies are saying that it was a high possibility that methane was the culprit that killed off thee dinosaurs 65 million years ago because of two massive volcanic events that were taking place at the time. Our oceans are warming and the once cold areas of the planet are resettling into new areas. We also are going through a polar shift right now as well and our thinning planetary atmosphere is allowing more space radiation to get through as well Some scientist are saying that right now we are getting 1000% more UVB radiation than ever before. Make ya wonder doesn’t it. Facts are my friends our political leaders have jumped ship on us and we are going to have to make the changes need ourselves. Our government leaders have totally lost contact with us it people and I don’t see that changing any times soon.

I stopped and realized when I decided to write this article the term new age and realized that indeed we are in new age. And if we don’t change our ways and now there will not be much of a future for us to live in. We can not afford to set around any more because it actually almost to late in some situations to do anything but there are other things we can to make the coming changes less of a shock and impact than it can be. If our political leaders won’t listen to us then we have to make them listen in mass. Oh by the way I haven’t touched on the civil unrest I see coming our way which also has been predicted by every forecaster on the planet so prepare. Work locally to make thing better and always have contingencies that will work to get around you local government law enforcement when times het hard. Plan ahead and all will be well. But our world is going change in ways you never thought possible. And I haven’t even talked about the changing food production areas diminishing and our planets fresh water supplies dwindling away and fast. This is what will begin the process of social break down and this is the one thing you need to be aware of and be ready for as well in the not to distant future,

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