What’s Happening To Our Pacific Basin?

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I have been researching the Pacific Ocean for all of my life and I have never seen it go through what is happening to it right now. I think we all understand that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. But in some cases we have found that the reaction can truly be larger than the initial action itself in real life. Why because things have a tendency to cascade. And this is what is happening to the Pacific Basin right now. Its easy to see with the massive die offs of almost every single type of sea life in the pacific. Everything from sea lions to star fish are in mass die offs everywhere. This is even happening in our rivers and lakes everywhere on the west coast from Alaska to Chili in south America. Fish are showing up with lesions ad cancer type tumors on them everywhere and what funny is that all of these different species of fish and other sea life have never been affected like this ever in recorded history. In these amounts that is. And actually this is beginning to be global in nature.

In my research I have found out that according to most marine biologist the sea life is dying off because they are being infected by things that normally wouldn’t bother them at all. Their immune system have always been able to fend off these virus’s and bacterial infection as long as we have been using fish as a food source. So what is the problem here. I kept on researching digging deeper and deeper into why this would happen. So I began to look into every single type of environmental factor that could possibly affect all these type of sea life at the same time everywhere. I found out that not only are our oceans warming faster than thought possible but it is also acidifying faster as well.  Ad this in itself affects every single living shelled creature in the oceans everywhere. To much acidification and these sea creatures can not make their shells and eventually will die off. So here we have higher acidification of the ocean waters and higher temperatures but would this alone cause the damage we are seeing with every single type of sea life? The answer to that question is no. I does affect them but these factors in themselves would I believe cause the type of changes and damages we are seeing today. There was something else happening that was the root cause of all the sea life die offs and sickness happening everywhere.

Now some states are beginning to shut down fishing in many rivers on the west coast because of these problems. And yes dying and diseased fish are now swimming up river leaving the ocean at this very time. Scientist have also found that the water temperatures of all rivers and lakes are rising unless they are in frozen heavy snow areas. And the fish are showing up more and more sicker and sicker. And the native people of all these areas have said the same thing. These are the people I listen to when it comes to localized areas. The locals can give you the history of an area better than any scientist.

Now we ave the largest El Nino heading our way. This means that the water off the west coast of Canada and the U.S. has warmed to the point of breaking records I feel. So anyway over the year I was following what scientist called two warm water blobs floating around in the pacific now this wasn’t a problem really a warm water blob always shows up during El Nino years but this time there were two of them and they have joined together. Creating the perfect conditions for and very large El Nino period. But this doesn’t answer all of the question of why is these mass die off happening at this accelerated rate?

And then it hit me of course once I sat down and looked at every single factor that could possible take place that would cause the problems we are seeing everywhere right now and the only thing I had not factored in was the Fukushima incident. Once I did this all the pieces of the puzzle fell together.

Our scientist have truly been telling us the truth of what was happening the sea life was dying of malnutrition which we already knew which of course due to the dying of of oceanic food sources and I am talking at the Plankton level but I found that most of this lower food chain die of was more than likely caused but the increasing radiation levels of the pacific. So off I went to start checking levels of radiation in everything I could dealing with the ocean and soon found out that everything in the pacific ocean right now has a much higher radiations level in them than the back round radiation of the ocean itself. Radiation in sea life is accumulative so higher levels of radiation in fish shows that the fish are going through areas of higher radiation when hunting for their food sources. Facts are our ocean currents have spread tis radiation so far now that we are getting higher radiation level reading from fishes even at the tip of south America now.

The truth is we will not be able to stop the flow of radioactive waters from the fukushima plant any time in the near future. It is an accident of global proportions that is killing of all sea life by weakening all the immune systems of all the sea life in the pacific basin. So in reality the government sponsored scientist are telling us the truth but they are only telling us part of the truth. They aren’t telling us the root cause of these creature immune system drop. Its caused I believe because of the accumulation of radiation which had decreased the effectiveness of all sea lifes immune systems.

I always thought it was interesting that these sea creatures were dying of from illnesses they could normally fend off. That was until fukushima I feel. And as we also know the salt in our pacific basins water will accumulate the radiation that is being released from fukushima and hold it. This is what happens. That’s why they put nuclear waist into salt mine and such. They say it will be probably 50 years before they cn stop the radioactive water from leaking into the ocean and by then the levels of radiation will far to high for normal sea life to live there.

Scientist are now seeing clear pacific coastal waters which may sound good but its a signal that many bacterial and other things are dying off as well. And many of these scientist are saying that the dead zones of our oceans are growing larger and the rate of sea life die offs are becoming larger. These are facts we can not dispute any longer. So right now the real situation in the pacific basin is ire indeed and in all reality there is nothing we can do about it until newer technology comes long where we can stem the flow of highly radioactive waters from the fukushima disaster from entering the pacific basin’s waters.

Its an unfortunate truth to say the least. We have been registering higher radiation levels all up and down our coast privately with good equipment while our media and government try their best to hide the truth from those who need it the most the people who are and will be affected as time goes on. And they wonder why we don’t trust them.


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