I am an avide watcher of earthquakes and other earth type activity. My favorites areas to watch right now and has been for the last tem years has been the continental U.S. … Well it now seems as I thought that our earthquake monitoring system seemed to have been switched off in some areas. These regions are having earthquakes but the public is not being notified of them out side these areas it seems.

The systems may soon be up and running but the question is here why are they not telling us? I personally feel our planets core is going through and readjusting period right now that’s what my gut tells me anyway. And all the signs of things going on around the planet seem to point to this as well. So are they not telling us because something big is coming out way as far as volcanic and earthquake activity goes. What do you think? 🙂

Check this article out by an individual named Dutchsinse…

USGS not reporting earthquakes again? Censoring certain areas which might cause “panic” if we see swarms occurring?

Past 7 days of earthquakes in the United States clearly shows excessive pressure upon the edge of the Craton. Multiple 3.0M-4.0M events from Nevada to Oklahoma.

Strangely, a few areas which SHOULD be showing compensation movement are NOT showing anything.

The dormant volcano at the border of AZ / NM , nothing reported… the swarm location in Idaho along the Western portion of the Yellowstone magma chamber.. nothing reported. Nothing reported out of Colorado at the fracking operations @ Trinidad, and Greeley.

I’m thinking these are NOT being reported on the USGS feeds. I’ll have to take the time to pour over the charts to “catch” them censoring these events, but there is NO way in hell that these areas are ‘silent’ while the adjacent areas are swarming.

If, for some strange reason it is 100% “quiet” in these areas, THEN WE NEED TO SERIOUSLY WATCH FOR A LARGER EVENT TO STRIKE IN THE NEAR TERM!

Let’s hope they’re just playing the public relations game, and hiding fracking quakes for the oil industry, and hiding yellowstone quakes to keep the public calm *unaware anything is moving in a major way.

Why don’t they want people to know what is going on? For the same reason they denied a plume from a volcano in Southern California — it causes “panic” among the simpletons. They can’t have public panic when its just a steam plume from a volcano.

In this case, they don’t want panic over the ENTIRE PLATE being displaced from the opposite direction we are always told the plate moved! They don’t want to have to rewrite every text book, admit they were wrong, and give a guy named Dutchsinse credit for something.


Thus, you’ll have to watch for earthquakes on your own, or tune in on my channels, because the USGS says NO ONE can forecast earthquakes, and they actively play the hide data game on things which confront their previously unchallenged (incorrect) dogmas on how geophysics functions, and how processes CHANGE OVER TIME.

They would have everyone believe all things remain static, no processes ever accelerate, and directions never change when it comes to plate movement.

They are wrong, I have now proved it by proving craton quakes are moving from WEST to EAST in a short amount of time — seismologists say earthquakes don’t transfer, that pressure doesn’t not spread across vast distances, and they even say earthquakes in one part of the world are NOT related to earthquakes in another part of the world!!

They say (said) that the West coast subducts, and that the mountains in the United States are formed by pressure coming from the EAST (midatlantic ridge spreading?!!! lol @ that explanation)

They say (said) they don’t know what caused the buckling of the midwest at the New Madrid Seismic zone?!! Don’t know what caused the rolling foothills to form?!!

Pressure from the West is what caused these areas to transform. When “subduction” cannot keep up with the pressure being placed on North America from the Pacific plate .. we can now confirm that RAPID RISING takes place along the edge of the craton.

Yellowstone confirmed rising inches in a few months time. Rainier rising, Shasta rising, Mt. Saint Helens rising.. and even the state of California confirmed to have risen 1/2 inch in the last year alone.

Professionals blamed the rise in California on the drought! lol!!!

Professionals in full denial, because everything they were taught is conflicting with what is actually occurring, thus we get asinine explanations like “drought” causing the crust to RISE across the entire vast area of California. DERP! Here’s to funny explanations crafted to fit “beliefs” of professionals, as opposed to looking at things logically, and adjusting your theories appropriately!!

Dormant volcanoes showing movement along the DEFORMED edge of the craton in Arizona, Nevada, California (near Mono Lake).. and a rise in the magma chamber @ Salton Sea volcano in Southern California.

Along the Western edge of the craton, in Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado — there has been enough movement to cause major surface ground displacement. The Nevada Earthquake swarm happening mostly at a depth of 0.0km . Also near surface earthquakes in Arizona at the dormant volcano.

In Colorado, massive craton pressure caused a fracking operation to blow, releasing millions of square feet of high pressure liquid sand, rock, and “wastewater” mixed with compressed liquid CO2 which was injected into the ground.

At the same general time as the large rupture in Colorado, there were a series of large unexpected landslides in Washington State, Wyoming, and Colorado. Each landslide was preceded by a small 1.0m – 2.0m earthquake. Each landslide was directly upon the edge of the craton.

Summed up, we can know for certain that the geology / seismology / geophysics books need to be re-written in light of these new facts.

I’m trying to make professionals aware of what I’ve discovered, so they can appropriately educate themselves (and others). Trying to get a better understanding of Earth changes processes requires everyone to constantly test (and retest) old “theories”.

I questioned the “fracking earthquake” connection, and was proved right – literally having professionals write me personally to thank me for the public push I made on the subject.

Taking heat over it for 2 years, called a fraud for saying there was a fracking / EQ connection?!! Then, they were forced to look into things because of the public outcry which blew up after everyone was made aware of the problem

Only one guy out there making videos in 2010, 2011, 2012 telling the world about fracking earthquakes.. professionals DENIED any connection, even going so far as to slam me on Texas TV using a “geologist” from the University of Texas, who said “fracking earthquakes are extremely rare , and minor” and called the concept of the earthquakes in Oklahoma being fracking related a “conspiracy theory” pushed by a person on youtube!

LOL @ me being a conspiracy theorist for noticing earthquakes occurring directly below a fracking pad!

LOL @ me noticing earthquakes at dormant volcanoes, and being called a conspiracy theorist

LOL @ me noticing plumes coming from dormant volcanoes AND fracking operations, and being called a conspiracy theorist

Never mind I was proved right on each one.. people have their “beliefs” to maintain.

Many people are saying the same thing across the planet so what’s up?

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