Is World War Three Imminent?


Here’s an out of this world mystery: Western space agencies are tracking a mysterious object that was reportedly launched into space by Russia — and in turn has launched speculation about what the Kremlin could be pursuing.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been following the puzzling object’s maneuvers under the designation 39765. Little is known about the object other than the fact it was part of a Russian rocket launch in May that sent three satellites to join a military constellation and was originally classified as space debris, according to the Financial Times, which first reported the story. Experts have weighed in saying the piece could be anything from space junk to the revival of a satellite destroyer program. However, if it is indeed a revival of Russia’s anti-satellite weaponry programit could have huge repercussions if used. Imagine if you were having a Katrina episode and all of your satellites suddenly got jammed.

This is something I have been expecting for quite some time and as we all know already China is ahead of every body in this area. Russia right now is in full gear and preparation for world war 3 and few are accepting this fact. With their advanced nuclear capability which last week was found to be far more advanced than our U.S. system that many have said they could take our defenses out faster than ever before. while we let our nuclear program waste away they have been completely re vamping their nuclear weapons program for over the last 30 years or more. facts are Facts we would get hit hard and fast at very close range. Prepare folks by doing this at least if something happens you’ll have at least somewhat of a chance.

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